Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor day!!!!

My Ed used to "hate" Labor Day.... when he was a young kid, his parents used to rent out their big house in York, which over looked the ocean. While the house was rented for the summer, the family would move to Acton and spend the summer on the lake, living in their little camp. Because of this, Ed has many fond memories of Acton.. and it is no wonder that he was happy to move here this fall.

But, as every child knows... when Labor Day rolls around, the fall is close and schools open again... for Ed it meant leaving "camp" and heading back to school... and he always dreaded the day. He even "hated" hearing back to school ads on TV and Fall previews.. for they were always reminders that the summer was closing.

This year finds us in a very different spot, and instead of leaving the lake on Labor Day weekend, Ed has actually gotten to "move in"... and as we watched the other camp owners pack up their camps (and their kids)... we sat back and enjoyed knowing that this does not pertain to us!!!

The day started out with two very happy horses enjoying some time on the grass. I really didn't sleep too well last night, I don't know if I was totally excited about the fact that the horses were here.. or worried that the horses were here.. either way... if we had electricity... I would certainly have gone down in the middle of the night to make sure all was well... since we don't I had to wait until daylight!!! Everyone was fine and wondering "where breakfast was" when I arrived.

Ed and I did some more work on the fence, but we also decided to take some time today and simply enjoy. We invited the family up for a cookout, and the afternoon couldn't have been nicer...

here is Dave... doing what you should on Labor Day!!!!

The kids are enjoying the lake and getting in the last of the season swims.... another few weeks and we will be taking the docks out of the water!!!

After the cookout, I had to get back to the barn to feed supper. Everyone decided it would be fun to go down with me and check out the barn and see the horses in their new home. Since many of them thought they would just head home after that, we had a regular parade of cars heading to the barn. My niece wanted to wear her "new boots" to show the horses!!!!
Sadie couldn't wait to pull ol Silver out and take him for a little ride up the driveway. He seemed pretty happy to be out and about. We don't really ride him anymore... but for jumping on and taking a little spin, he is game (and yes... I know... no shoes!!! no helmet!!!... but she is 20 and is going to do it her way.. no matter what Mom says!!!) Naomi thought that she might just sit on Silver with her cousin.... had to get a couple of shots of that!!!!
So, Labor Day has turned a new corner for Ed... and maybe he will actually be able to say.... "I like Labor Day"... hope you all have a fun holiday..... and now onto the fall....