Monday, December 03, 2007

telling the truth

OK.. so I have been saying that there aren't any "little ones" around here that get excited about some things... like the Christmas season, parades-----snow.... but now I must tell the truth. There is ONE very little one here... it's me!!!! (actually, I am probably just telling all of you something that you have already known!!!!) There has been talk of snow for the past few days, and I have been beside myself with excitement... several times I was up last night, looking for the snow to begin, and waiting to hear that "special" Channel 6 storm center music and the long low sound of the fire whistle being blown to announce "no school". (that sound used to be followed by shouts of happiness from some children... I didn't go that far this morning!!)

Even though the snow turned out to be somewhat disappointing (the 12 inches expected has turned out to be about 4 because the ocean has "warmed" the storm and we got mostly rain here on the coast)...but even still, it has that magic about it, and I think shows the little house off even more than before!!!! Course, it makes the decision about teaching dog class tonite a tough one, because I keep going back and forth about safety issues for my students, etc.... BUT, it is the last class and I hate to put it off for another week... so, as it stands now, there will be class and I am sure the hardly Maine folks that they are... will arrive on time!!!!

Ed and I spent the better part of yesterday (and so did many other folks... "hi Deb"!!) getting ready for this big storm, picking up our yards, tucking things under cover, stocking up on any sort of comfort food... and the like. We ran up to Acton to make sure all the lumber was under cover and the work site was cleaned up, so that when the sun appears come the middle of the week, Ed can get back to work on it.

There has been some good progress... he and Bill got one section of wall up last week, and here it is... the first of the barn itself!!! Because of the weather and tight time frame... Ed called a good friend and builder that we know. Chris actually built our barn here and Ed was hoping that he might be in a place where he could give him a hand with this project. As it turns out, Chris is in a lull and is more than happy to come and get this project done!!! So, as soon as this snow passes, he and Ed will be working in Acton. With Chris's help on a daily basis, Ed is thinking the barn can be weather tight within a few weeks!!! that would be awesome!!!!

So, as much fun as the snow is, a few weeks of clear weather would be much appreciated... but since I have no control either way... I'll take whatever comes and make the most of it.....