Thursday, January 10, 2013

January thaw...

We usually get one or two a winter... a January Thaw, as it is commonly known. But when one arrives... it feels so wonderful. Today, we hit the 50's... and even though this weather should be enjoyed.. here on the farm, we take advantage of it.
That meant, a complete "go threw" in the barn. I was so excited with not just the warm weather, but the extra help. Ed and Abbie to the rescue!!! Stalls were completely mucked.. buckets washed.. floors swept.. all the chores that (sadly I admit).. get just a quick brush over when the weather is bitter cold.
I love it when our barn looks good!!!
And today, the boys will be "locked" outside, to keep it neat as long as possible. But with all this good sunshine, they don't mind.... course, it's just a tease... you know Ol Man Winter will make a return...spring is still a bit off... but we'll take these days as much as we can!!!!