Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a visit to Lahey..

Today finds Ed and I at the Lahey Clinic. Ed's heart has been "acting" up again for the past few months and his doctor thought it might be time to do another ablation on his heart. He had this done about three years ago, and we were told then, that sometimes they have to be "tuned up" after a bit... well.. his needed to.  I remember when it was done the first time, I was totally freaked out about the whole idea. But, really, it was pretty "simple" and Ed felt soooo much better afterwards. Today, it felt "almost" routine. 

Ed went down last night and stayed over, and early this am I was on the road to be there while it was done. He was in good spirits when I caught up with him and we stayed together until it was time for him to go in. 

While I waited, I remember that Pastor Jane and Ginger were not that far from the clinic. I wished I had contacted them and "scheduled" a visit... so on a whim, I emailed Pastor Jane and just told her that Ed and I were here.  Just a few minutes later, I received a note back from her... saying that she was on her way over to visit. 

Now, Lahey is a big place, and I wasn't even sure how we could find each other, but I went down to the lobby and heard that little "Ginger whine".. and sure enough there they were. Ginger was so excited to see me (she has never forgotten me!!) and their visit made the time go by so fast!!!! 

Course, Ginger also did a lot of visiting with everyone else.... all who came threw the lobby had to stop and talk... which meant, Pastor Jane and I didn't get much of a chance to chat!!!
Before I knew it, I was being paged that Ed was out of surgery and all was well. 

He stayed overnight and I will go back tomorrow and bring him home. He's feeling better already, and so am I.....