Wednesday, August 15, 2007

cleanin' tack

it's too hot to ride, the horses have had their baths... what else is there to do.... well.... there's ALWAYS tack!!! (with horses.. there is always something!!!!) Cleaning tack has to be another one of those " really owning a horse" experiences. I don't mind cleaning so much, as finding (no.... taking) the time to get the job done!!
It's important to keep tack in clean condition... afterall, you depend on it when you are riding... so, if it's weak or in bad repair, you could really find yourself in a mess. It's also important that it stays comfortable for your horse, I should imagine that stiff, dry tack would be alot like wearing shoes that don't fit you right. You might be able to walk in them, but in the end, was it worth it. And nothing looks nicer than clean leather!!!! Besides, my riding instructor is a great one for commenting on the condition of your tack, so I sort of feel "inspired" to do it :-) .
Tack cleaning is really a job to do at the barn, but for now, I find it easier to lug it all home and do it there. Ed's sawhorse is a perfect "step in" for my saddle, and that pile of leather pieces on the ground, does make into my bridle (and yes, I can get that all put back together again!!!!) So, tomorrow there will be nice clean tack to put on Tonka (just so he can "mess it up again").
Speaking of Tonka.... Ed and I recently joined the Maine Draft Horse and Mule Assoc. I posted a note that I was looking for some help with regards to Tonka's driving... and I got a few responses back. This Sunday, a member of the club is doing an event over in Eliot and has invited Ed and I to come and look them up and talk about Tonka... so MAYBE, I can get a handle on this driving thing..... .that would be cool.............