Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Is it just us, or is this the way "building" goes... it's been weeks where nothing much has been happening, I mean, Ken and crew have done great work on the house itself... but all the rest of it is waiting to be done... electrical, water, heating system...and so on. Now, all of sudden, the "digger" is back, Chris arrived on the scene, Nate is here , and the farm is back into activity again!!!!

We have had an "interesting" time finding someone who will do the electrical with this house, and we think that two things have scared them off... going underground for one, and dealing with a timber frame for two. No less than three electricians have come at different times, took a look (took copies of our house plans) promised to be back, and never returned!!!! We don't mind the fact that they might not want the job, but it would have been nice to be told that... waiting for them to "return" certainly chewed up a lot of precious good weather time!!! Finally, we called our friend Chris, (we hadn't called him in the beginning because we thought that the travel time from York to Acton might be too much)... but Chris came last week, took a look and said, "when do we start?" Ed and I were almost in disbelief!!!! We then had to do some hustling to get the "digger" back and get the things that are needed for underground service but it has all come together, and was started.

Ed and Nate spent the day clearing the spot were the transformer needs to go, we have been cautious about taking down too many trees until we are certain what we want to take down. But, it opens it up and shows the house off. And from what Ken tells us, this will be about the last "you" will see of the house... the panels should be on by the end of the week, and with the cold weather coming in, this will be nice for the guys to be able to work "inside" now.

It might be a little hard to see, but this is the landing for the stairs. As soon as they are in, I am going up to see what the upper floor looks like..... I am just not a ladder gal!!!!

For some reason, the electric company said we needed to have a new pole (which was another thing we were waiting on)and that was finally put in last week.

OK, you guys, back to work!!!! Once Moe got the ditch dug, Ed, Nate and Chris started running the pipe that the electric lines will go in.

This is the part of construction that I "hate"... all the digging up.. piles of things like sand, gravel, rock.... I know it's a necessary "evil".. but, seems like we just get things looking good and it's all torn up again. However, this should be the last of it, and once everything gets into the ground, we can dress it up next spring and that will be that.

So, the farm is a flurry of activity again, and it suddenly seems like everything is finally coming together!!! "REAL" lights and water in the barn... that's going to be a treat!!!!