Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I was thinking tonite, as I am heading to bed... about the routine that I go thru night after night. For some people, when it's time for bed... they might rise from their comfty chair, go about the house, turning off lights, locking doors and then head to bed. But here, it's somewhat different... when I decide that it's bedtime.. what I really mean, is "get going" so that I can be in my bed within the half hour....

the routime goes something like this...

1. first four dogs head out to the pen for last call... they stay out about three minutes (dogs go out in small groups at night, this lessens the chance of barking that might disrupt the neighbors)
2. I head outside with guest dog number one for last call... takes about five minutes
3. first group is in by now, guest dog gets his good night cookies and water bowl filled
4. second group of three dogs head out to the pen
5. I go out with guest dog number two
6. second group in, guest dog get his cookie and water bowl filled
7. last guest dog goes out to the pen
8. treat time for piggies and bunny... usually "waste" a good 10 minutes watching them... check their water bottles, fill if needed.
9. bring in third guest dog from pen, give out cookie and fill water bowl
10. second group of dogs tucked in for the night, after they have had their drink and get their cookies.
11. feed cats, who by now, are bugging me to death
12. go about the house, turning off lights, locking doors, etc.
13. climb stairs with four cockers in tow... settled them into their beds, good night cookies....
14. back down stairs... forgot to feed turtle... back up stairs again....

AND now, I can think about climbing into bed myself.... glad I started all of this just 45 minutes ago.....

good night.....

going on's

It's been a very long winter for one NASCAR fan.... "my" Ed.... so Sunday (being the 50th race of the Daytona 500) I knew that we wouldn't be going any further than the living room!!!!

And so, with "his" dog in lap, Ed settled in for the afternoon and the beginning of the racing season.

I, on the other hand, was prepared for this great event as well.... finishing a quilt in the other room.

Ed enjoyed the race very much.... watching the beginning and the end of it, napping in the middle... which is pretty typical of "race watching". Sometimes I go and change the channel during the napping part of it... however, that is not long lived, as he quietly says to me "hey.. I was watching that!!!" I guess he is the only person who can "watch" thru closed eyes!!!!

Mama piggie is doing very well, she has been the best little Mommy!!! I am trying to decide if she is a better Mom than me or has "better kids".... because one little "purr" from her and her childred hussle!!! It is amazing how they listen to her and do exactly as she says. I noticed too, that every now and again she escapes to the feeding station, just to get that little break from her children. I bet every Mom out there can understand this move!!!! Sometimes she eats a bit, but a lot of the time I just find her sitting quietly... getting her "wits" about her I guess...

But, like everything in life, it doesn't take long for "others" to figure it out, and I caught two of the youngsters up on the feeding station not too long after mama had been there.

I can almost "hear" them up there (well, I CAN hear them, they whistle so loudly these days!!!!)

"Wow... look it how high up we are!!!!"
"hey, check out all the food!!!"
"Mom's gone, let's chow down!!!!"

These two are the smooth coated ones... the other is a "curly" one like the Mom... (and the one that I hope I can keep)... these two are t-r-o-u-b-l-e.... they are the ones that figure it all out (like getting up to the feeding station and taking Mama's quiet spot away) and you should see the "fight" over food. Just like little kids, the cage is filled with all sorts of goodies and they both want the same one!!!!! Their Mama doesn't put up with it though, she'll either step in (and often take the little piece they both want) or give her little piggie "purr" and they run to her.
I can't get over how quickly they are growing, it won't be long before we'll have to do some seperating......... :-(