Friday, October 10, 2008

birdies on the loose!!!

Well, today was a big day for the guineas... I let them out this afternoon into the big world. The keets are fully feathered now and nearly the size of their Mom... they have been flying for weeks (well flying as best they can in the stall) and with the weather so perfect, I just couldn't bear to have them miss out on it.

Naturally, they were a bit cautious, especially Mama bird, but with a bit of coxing they headed out the back doors of the barn. They were pretty excited when they felt the sun and found they could roll around in the dirt and look for buggies and such.

Mama bird was pretty watchful over her babies, and kept them close to her. They are so good, and when she calls, they do exactly what she asks them to do. I kept a close eye myself, after letting the barn kitties out and not ever seeing the big gray boy, Sammy, again... I am a bit gun shy about letting these guys loose. But, it would be hard for them to do "bug duty" cooped up in the barn forever, I got them to patrol the barnyard.. and that means, being loose.

They didn't travel too far from the barn, they went into the woods a bit, but didn't stay long. They made their way out to the manure pile, and into the pasture (Tonka had fun chasing them out of the paddock) looking for bugs and scratching around. They loved eating the "greens" and just seemed so happy to be out in the world.

Before I left I did herd them back into their "house" which was all nice and clean and had a big bowl of food waiting for them. They had a nice meal and then began to bed down for a rest after a day of exploring. So, the guinea hens are on the loose..... look out bugs, they're coming after you!!!!!