Monday, March 29, 2010

a mark of time

About 10 years ago, this little boy came to visit us with his Mom. His name was (is) Dillon, and he had never been on a horse. Course nothing doing, I had a horse and knew this little guy could have his very first ride. Silver was more than happy to help out and we all enjoyed a very special afternoon.

THEN... last Saturday.. a surprise birthday party.. friends came from near and far.. including Dillon and his Mom!!!! (traveling for four hours!!!) Not such a little chap anymore.. a wonderful young man!!!! who was very happy to be re united with the gentle horse that had given him his very first ride!!!! course we weren't about to miss such a great photo opt... so even though ol Silver is long retired and Dillon nearly taller than I am.. fond memories and good friendships last a long time!!!!