Wednesday, September 12, 2007

just bloggin'

As I arrived to gather Tonka for his driving lesson this am... I caught Nutty, Keebo and Ransom in a very "serious barn meeting"!!! I don't exactly know what they were talking about, but it looked quite important from what I could see!!!!

Here we are, nearly the middle of the month, and it's been a strange September for me. I see that big yellow school bus rumble down the road, and it no longer has any meaning in my life. No more dashing about in the morning getting everyone out the door, nor afternoon curfews or homework around the table. I miss it in some ways, and yet, I am so enjoying the "freedom" that has come my way.

Ed is pretty much done working over at Wood Bros. and is busy getting a new office set up at his Mom's old house in the harbor. He still has a bit of paperwork that needs attention, and it's easier (and safer) to have all that somewhere else. He is still up and out the door about the same time in the mornings, but it's fun to run down to the harbor and check in on him!!! And once he really has everything all settled, he will be able to go and do things with me on a moment's notice (like Tonka's lessons) and that is going to be great fun!!!!

I hope, too, to get some projects finished up for certain.... he only thought the "honey-do" list was long before... he hasn't seen it lately!!!!

And take a look at this!!! these are the first of our house plans for Acton!!! We met with the designer on Monday and went thru a whole list of things!!! (mind boggling!!) and now have the plans to "live with" for a bit and change and re-arrange as we see fit. (much cheaper to change on paper!!!) It's pretty close to being just right, but, we want to make sure before we go ahead with the final drawings. He is also working on the material list for the barn (required by the town of Acton) which we hope to have by the end of the week. If so, Ed can run it up to the code enforcement officer next week, and we should be able to order lumber within a few weeks. Which means a very good chance of having that barn up before cold weather hits!!!! (so exciting!!!)

Sadie is having a grand time at college. We talked yesterday for a half hour about her classes. She really likes her "kennel management" course and can so easily relate.. simply because it's the way she lived her whole life. We have never owned just one dog, and with the foster dogs and boarding dogs that come in and out of here, Sadie says she completely understands what they are studying in class!!!! Kas is starting to think "south". In just about a month, I will be driving down with her and helping her get the apartment opened up and ready for Nate!!!! We are on the final countdown!!! I am so looking to that "vacation" in November.... Deb, Dave, Ed and I will be there for sure when Nate arrives home!!!! and afterwards, Ed and I plan to spend sometime at Colonial Williamsburg... we haven't been there in ages!!!!

My favorite time of year... September to January, and I have a feeling it's going to zoom by.. so I am planning on enjoying every sweet moment...............