Wednesday, September 23, 2009

weekend report - part 2

Saturday afternoon, we were at "old" house, or rather - Kas and Nate's house!!! for a very special event. Dave turned 50 (technically on Tuesday the 22nd) but the kids had planned a party for him on Saturday. Now "being Dave", a black tie affair just wouldn't have been his style. So, a cookout with family, good friends and food fit the bill so much better. He even had soda bottled in his honor.

It was however, a catered affair - by the "hot dog man"!!! He came with his rig, set it up right in the driveway, and everyone just ordered what they wanted. He actually had more than just hot dogs, and it was all so good. Then along with the hot dogs, Deb, Kass and Lauren had made all sorts of wonderful salads and snacks, and of course.... cake.

We're pretty sure that Dave wasn't totally surprised, Nate had "invited" him over to help with yard work... but I am sure he was surprised to see what everyone had come up with for his birthday.

and how many people came to celebrate with him

Nice looking group of men!!!

After the party, Nate's uncle John (Dave's brother) wanted to take a little spin on Nate's bike and before too long, he found himself giving rides to everyone. I wasn't so surprised when I saw the kids going out with him... but when Dave's MOM!!! hopped (and I mean hopped) on the back of it, I was shocked. I don't know why I was so surprised, she is always one that is up for an adventure.. but the back of a bike!!! She had a great time.. it was just too funny!!!

the weather couldn't have been better, people stayed for quite a while, and the afternoon went by much too fast. Happy 50th Dave!!!!!

Now on Sunday NASCAR was back in New England, so of course Ed was off to the races early in the morning. He always likes to invite different people to go with him, and this time he had asked Rick if he would like to go. We discovered a side of Rick that we never knew about... he's a racing fan!!! He mostly knew about drag racing, but was more than happy to tag along with Ed.

The track always has some sort of entertainment to keep the fans happy. There is generally a concert and other such things... this time... it was the Budweiser Clydesdale horses!!! I wished I could have seen them. Ed did get these shots with his camera phone, but a picture just doesn't do it justice!! I can just imagine the "sound" of these beautiful animals trotting by... goodness, had I known they were there, I would have gone just for that!!!!

I hear the race was very exciting.. and again perfect weather just made a great day for Ed and Rick.

I - on the other hand - was about to chuck my phone out the window. Sadie and I told Kelli that we would do a girl thing since the boys were playing at the track. Well.. I don't know what's with the answering service that we have, but we didn't get Kelli's message until almost dinner time. I was so mad.. she was waiting for us to call her back, and we were waiting for her to call.... so, we all "lost the afternoon" together. (I am still stewing over it)... but, we'll do a make up day and hit the quilt and cross stitch shops for sure!!!!!!

And it's getting close to baby Abbie time. Sadie and I spent Sunday afternoon, getting some things moved back into the big camp, and going thru some of the things that she has collected for baby Abbie. This cool sling was sent out by my friend Linda.. it's great for infants. Since we didn't have a clue as to how to use it, we decided to try and figure it out. I think we got it right, and we tested it with Mona - who is our biggest cat - because we thought she might be about the same size as baby Abbie will be. Mona looked pretty comfy in the sling, just hope she doesn't get the "wrong" idea of who really belongs in there.

So, another busy week ahead... got to get settled in back next door, got to get a crew to take docks out of the lake, and begin to think of "coolish weather" and yes... winter.......