Saturday, June 07, 2008

no time to blog

I knew that all that "wonderful free time" on vacation was to be treasured, because the moment we got home, it was back to "real life"!!! I had dozens of dog calls to return, classes to get back to teaching, dogs coming for boarding.. and the beginnings of packing!!! sorting!!! and weeding out!!!

One thing we were able to do with Kassy and Nate was to go over the "particulars" for the big moves coming up. They will be living here, and we will be heading to Acton. Some things will be changing and other things not so much... I will still have the barn for dog training and such, but I will also have the "big" barn for the horses!!!!

We began the great clean out with a yard sale... so far, it has had some success, but I "fear" that many things will end up in the donate pile. I have collected over the years a number of dog crates, many of which are too small and really are better for cats.. so something like that I can take to the shelter, I am certain they must be in need of small transport crates. I'm not too sure what to do with the DOZENS of beanie babies that the girls have left behind, but I will come up with some idea. I have promised myself that there won't be "this much stuff" in the new house.... it's too mind boggling!!!!

In the meantime, work goes merrily along at the farm. Ken got some of the "odd things" done while we were away... but most exciting to me.. was getting the red on the barn doors!!! I thought that I would like it, but until I actually get to "see" it, I never really know how it will be. Now, ALL we have left is to shingle the front, and stain the sides, and the outside look will be done!!!! Still have three more stalls to finish, and the tack room to tackle... but all in all, the work goes well.

Now, the "other Ken" (who will be building the house) has been in close contact with us, and we think we have the final set of changes to ship back to "Timberpeg"... IF all goes to plan.. I think we will be digging for the foundation within the next few weeks, and the house may be able to come as soon as the middle of July!!!! Course, I have "done" enough building projects to understand well, that a time line.. is just that... a time line NOT a deadline!!!!

So, the summer seems "quite busy" at best... and I have this sad feeling it is going to fly by........