Thursday, November 19, 2009


The past few days, we have had incredible weather here in the great state. I'm not sure if it's "making up" for the rainy summer or the lull before the winter storms, but either way, it's been most enjoyable. The draw back is, I feel quite behind in my "nesting projects".. usually by now I have a pretty good charge of wood in the cellar, "things" tucked away and under cover, and items picked up, out of the path of the plow. It's not that I haven't done anything... in fact, on Tuesday I got a great deal done in the barn.. but I do need to do more.

Ed has been working part time, so he is up and out early in the am. Which is great, except he hasn't figured out how to be in two places at once!!! .. with him "away" work on the house has come to a temporary halt. Yesterday, however, he did have the day "off", and we decided to get the garage at the new house buttoned up for the winter.
We won't be getting any garage doors this year, so, it's the old "tarp it up" trick and for the time being that will work well.

The outside wood furnace has been doing a great job of heating the house. I do believe that Ken was right, it seems as though this will be a very easy house to heat. Ed has moved some plates of "junk" wood nearer the stove, and along with what we have, I think we'll muddle thru in the wood department.

He then pulled items out of the garage and we re-arranged, swept and got things back in better order. The two big "green boxes" in this picture are filled with smaller pieces of scrap wood, that we can either use in the big furnace or in the smaller inside wood stove. That's the "yankee" in us, put it to good use, don't throw away!!!

The motorcycle was brought out for the last time this year. Ed took it down to the barn so I could give it a bath, and then it will be put under it's blankie and tucked in for the winter.

Mr. G was so happy to see his bike, and spent the better part of the morning guarding it and looking at his handsome reflection!! there is no doubt in my mind that he really is a "biker chick"....he is such a funny bird..

It won't be long before the winter winds are knocking once again, but thinking back over last year, we are so much further ahead.. we have electricity on the farm, no longer have to carry water to the horses, heat in the house.. we actually have a house.. and maybe next year (!!!!) we will celebrate the holidays there.....