Friday, September 24, 2010

day to day

Beeker wanted me to start the blog off with this very proud photo of her!!!! She certainly is the star chicken on the farm, and still (in her opinion anyways) the best looking chicken... especially now that her tail feathers have all grown back in. As I thought, it took nearly the whole summer for this to happen after Camille pulled them out last spring. Since that little episode, Camille has not been to the barn unassisted. I do need to get some photos up of the "new" chickens, now that their feathers are all coming in, we have some pretty cool colors..... oh, and the new batch of guinea hens... looks like we ended up with five hens and one cockerel... which I am very pleased about.
Tuesday, Ed got on the tractor and mowed the field. Eventually, we will turn this to pasture for the boys, the hay really isn't "good enough" for hay, but it's fine for grazing and keeping the boys busy. We just need to get more stakes and wire... it's on our to do list. In the meantime, it looks so much better mowed and it keeps the trees and other undesirables from taking over.

So, we're mowing down grass in one area and working on getting it to grow in another. Once Ed got all the rocks raked out, we put down some seed and with some water, sunshine and the Good Lord, looks like we will have a front lawn before the snow. Day by day it's getting greener and greener.... Ed thinks we will need a bigger tractor for mowing, I think we should just get some sheep!!!!

Abbie sporting her Grandpa's hat.... and ready to get to work....

This is my anniversary gift!!! even though our anniversary was back in August. I have always liked "smoke bushes", and I said to Ed that I would love to have one up on the farm. He tried to find one for me as an anniversary gift, but we didn't have much luck, most of the nurseries have this sort of thing in the spring. One day while I was at the post, a local nursery owner came in and I asked her to keep a look out for a smoke bush, and if she found one, I would like to have it.

Well, she found one!!! and dropped it off to us last week. It took me a little while to decide just where I wanted it to go, but I think I found the perfect spot. Smoke bushes can get quite big and I am hoping in time it will hide the transformer that brings the electric into the farm. (it's a big ugly green box thing and I would like it hidden). So, we got that planted. I just felt kind of bad that we dug up the dirt where Ed is trying to get the grass to grow!!!! Next summer I'll get a photo when the bush is in bloom.. they're cool.

AND, we got my sign hung up by the porch door. This sign was made for me many years ago, and all the cockers in it are long gone. For those who might remember them though.. it would be Diggie, Randi, Frosty and Holly.... I have always liked this sign and I am so happy to have the perfect spot for it now. Being on the porch will keep it out of the harsh weather and will be a nice welcome to our guests.

Fall officially arrived yesterday - though we are still enjoying some summer like temps. It's fun to decorate for the season, this is just the start of "seasons for decorations".... I need to make a run for pumpkins and mums, but want to take my friend Kelli along.. so, just need to make a date to do that. But, hope to in the next couple of days...

We had a grand full moon the first night of fall. It lit the whole farm up almost as bright as day. One thing about living in a town with no street lights, the night sky is so beautiful here and you can see every star. I enjoyed a few quiet moments on the porch watching the day come to a peaceful end.....