Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the Gardner

I knew that this poor plant's condition wasn't entirely my fault. I admit I do not have a green thumb.. never have.. never will.... but , at least now I know why this poor plant isn't doing so great!!!

Some help she's turning out to be!!!!


Grounded... NOT to be confused with Groundhog's Day... which is tomorrow........

I am in BIG trouble!!! OK, so I DIDN'T leave a note when Ed and I went to dinner last night.... and maybe I DIDN'T say that we were even thinking about going out, and maybe I SHOULD have called home and told them, but just DIDN'T think about it.....

What other excuses do I get, that I can use in this situation!!! My "children" say they hear me talking.. and I guess maybe they do. Because when we came in from dinner last night, this is the "look" I got!!! Along with the.... "where's your note?... don't you have a cell phone that you know how to use?... you could have at least told me you were thinking about going out!!!... do I need to take the keys for a few days?"

OK, so "case in point" and we are busted!!! However, I will also use this as evidence... that "they" do hear me, "they" know what its like, and "they" expect the same in return....

Just wish the "grounding" applied to housework!!!