Friday, June 19, 2009

awards banquet

Last night was my dog club's annual award banquet. Each year we take the time to honor the dog/ handler teams that have earned various titles on their dogs. I didn't receive an award this year, as Camille and I just finished our Rally title this past May (which means we will get one for next year)... but that doesn't mean I was about to miss the banquet. It is actually one of my favorite meetings as you have plenty of time just to visit with doggie friends. When we arrived at the restaurant they were running an excellent special on lobster... so, you can only guess what Sadie and I chose... (I adore lobster!!! does Sadie).It was a great meal, and it was such fun to sit with our friends and just have a special evening out.
Today it's back to the moving thing, actually almost everything small has been moved to it's final spot, and with the rain pouring down, my plan of attack is to begin the cleaning side of things... starting in the basement, (which is partly finished with a bedroom, TV area and bathroom) we have the first of our renters arriving next weekend, and the summer season has begun.
I also got an email this am from a friend who has four new cocker puppies..... I am really getting puppy fever, and I don't know how much longer I can wait!!!!NOT that I don't have plenty to do already, but puppies have certainly been on my mind lately........