Friday, July 13, 2007

more summer weekend

On Sunday, the 8th, we had a "belated 4th of July" cookout at the camp, and a "happy graduation party -Sadie". It was a fun time and we had a pretty good gang show up!!! One of our "most favorite people" is our friend Cozy. He is more like a brother/uncle than a friend, and has watched the girls grow and has played a huge part in their lives. Cozy loves the kids, he always spoils them and just enjoys being around them.

I love this picture I got of him with Naomi..... course, when I saw it, my first thought was....."who has more hair?" Naomi was quite taken with him... so I have a feeling, Coz has just added another niece to his already long list!!!!

Ed is pretty much in charge of the grill at our cookouts. Course, he likes to work with "fire".... sometimes a little too much (wonder where that comes from!!!) and I am "always" fussing at him....."don't over cook it!!" But, he really does a nice job......

Just a picture showing off some of our guests.... nothing beats a cookout with a lot of friends and family.... especially at camp.... its just the best!!!!!

Now, I can be "in charge" of the food, and make sure that everything is in its place, etc. etc... but one thing I have no control over.... the weather!!!! I guess I should have known what was coming, the way that the loons were talking..... so, even though the cookout was great fun, and lots of great food and company... there wasn't any swimming!!! and I was pretty happy to have our "tent" that fits almost perfectly over the deck. The "cooker" (as I call it) looks kind of sad without a fire in it.... course, no fire.. no s'mores..... but, I guess that means we'll just have to have another cookout at camp before the summer ends!!!! got have those s'mores you know...........

And, for the record, Joe got all the hay off the field before the rain came.... just in time, because one thing you can't bale... is wet hay!!!!