Monday, May 18, 2009

the open house

Today was such a fun day on the farm, being our open house and all. Well, actually it was "Timberpeg's Open house", but we took advantage of it and invited as many people as we could think of!!! The great thing, is, many of those people showed up!!! The "bad" thing is, it's very hard to visit with everyone, so we did our best to spend time with everyone (and if I missed out on you... I'm sorry and want you to come back again!!!)

We set the dinning room up with some snacks... the first of many meals to come in this room!!!!

And we tried to make sure that we had chairs for people to sit.... not too fancy, but they worked. We also had the woodstove chugging, because the day was cool, and several times I saw groups of friends hanging around our stove.... again the first of many I hope... there is nothing like seeing friends hanging around your woodstove!!!!!

Course, the "open house" turned more into an open farm, because some of our friends had not seen the barn in a long time.... so there were several "barn tours" as well. The horses thought this was pretty grand... they love company, and if they were outside, they would come running in to meet the next group of folks that were "touring" the barn.

I have "no problems" with dogs visiting our barn. I like it when my "students" bring their dogs!!! This is Kathleen and Bob, they are the folks that raise "service puppies" (ie:Posie) so today when they popped in, they brought Harvey with them. Harvey was very excited to meet the horses, he especially liked Mocha, and offered her a play bow.... I don't think he could understand why Mocha didn't come out and play with him!!!

And then another surprise guest..... this is Scott and Cooper!!!! If you read back about a year ago, Cooper was a foster dog we had, and Scott adopted him. Well, Scott actually grew up in our town (he lives far away now) but he was visiting with his family this weekend, saw the "open house" sign and thought he would pop in and pay us a call!!!! Cooper didn't remember me, but that's OK... he is just totally in love with Scott!!! (what do you think about that Aileen!!!)

Just as it should be.... friends in the dining room, enjoying good conversation and snacks!!!!

(the "gentleman" waving in the back ground is one of the "Ds!!!!!)

We posed for one family photo (minus Kas and Nate :-( to show off our "farm" shirts and mark this happy day!!!!

The first of many, many parties in this house... a great omen!!!!