Thursday, January 18, 2007

hot mash

You know how "they" say, be careful what you wish for???

Well, I guess I should have listened. I have been "missing winter" and wanting to have Maine looked the way its suppose to this time of year. Well, it happened this past weekend, with an ice storm.. then on Tues the cold came, COLD!!! even for us New Englander's!!!

All in all, it was a fine day, bright blue sky, "warm" sunshine, the ocean had a nice "smoke" going on... so did the wood stove!! It was also Ed's Birthday!!!

AND.... the FINAL court date for my new neice, Naomi..... the adoption is all done, and she is totally , competely and LEGALLY.. a member of the family!!! very EXCITING!!!

On a more somber note, we have also found out that Nate's orders have been moved up and he heads to Iraq in April, not in September!!! Still have lots of details to work out on that one with Kas and such, so more on that later.

The horses certainly apprecaited the hot mash that I brought them at lunch. As you can see, they "wolfed" it down!!! I worry alittle about them when its this cold, but they were just as happy as always, and even went back outside when they had finished their lunch!!! I know they are made for cold weather, but if I could bring them in by the woodstove... well, you know me!!!!

Thought I would put up this pic of Dancer, too... she's getting big.... she really ISN'T allowed on the table, but I couldn't pass up that shot before shooing her off. I heard an expression one time... "if you want the best seat in the house... find the cat" and this is so true. Both Dancer and Mona have hardly left the woodstove!! The bed that is there for the dogs, has been cat claimed for sure!!!

So, its been a strange kind of day. Guess, we'll just take it day by day, as always!!! Keep the woodstoves chugging!!!