Monday, April 23, 2012

driving clinic

Isn't he a little cutie pie... this is Quinn, a Welsh Cobb who belongs to my good friend Betty. I have talked about Betty and Quinn before, but it's been some time since I have seen them. Quinn has done some filling out and is becoming quite the nice young horse. Betty so enjoys driving him and has big plans for his future. Quinn is boarded at an amazing facility.. where they often have clinics... and such was the case on Sunday.

Betty sent me an email a few weeks back, wondering if I might like to try a driving clinic. I jumped on the chance. I like working with different people, and goodness know Tonka can use the work. So, with clean tack (previous blog) and the excitement to go to work.. we headed over. How many of my horse friends would like this arena in their back yard!!!!!

Tonka goes fairly well in harness, but he could be better. I know he needs work and experience, but I think there is something going on with him. One bad habit, is he throws his head. Sometimes so hard it feels like he has ripped your arm from the shoulder. So, when I had the chance to meet with Robyn, I gave her my list of "problems"

She listened carefully, and worked him for a bit. He really is a good boy.. especially when I think that we easily trailered him over, tacked up in the middle of the parking area outside the arena... brought him into the arena (which he had never seen) and the whole time he behaved perfectly.

So, I know he has "it"... just needs to be even better.

We put him into the cart, took a few spins around the arena and then Robyn went to work.

After watching him move, she recommended a different bit (which we tried and it seemed to make a difference.) She also adjusted the fittings of the harness and the hitch... and watched us go again.

Because it was a clinic, we didn't have a huge amount of time with her. But I have already decided that I'm going to make the changes she suggested and then set up a private lesson with her. It was really a fun afternoon, nice to be with other horse people, catch up with Betty, travel to some place new with Tonka and get to work with him. I'm hoping we can do more things of this nature......