Tuesday, December 08, 2009

muddin & tapin'

The tree is all decorated and ready for the holiday!!! This is such a nice tree, and for the first time... in a long time... every ornament that I have is on the tree!!! This one has good sturdy branches, so it holds the ornaments and I didn't have to pick and choose which ones could go on the tree. We will definitely get our future trees from that farm!!!
My women's bible study group was suppose to come tomorrow for their fellowship/meeting/party, but according to this morning's weather report we are in for another messy day. So, thinking of some of the older ladies and such, the word has just come thru that it will be cancelled. Bummer, I was hoping to show off this nice tree.. though I was a bit concerned of "where" I would "put" everyone!!! I did tell the committee that if they want to "slate me for next year", we should be in the farm house and then I would have lots of space!!! Our dog club party is also on for this week (Thursday to be exact) so maybe this weather will blow out of here and we can still plan on that.

Just a shot of our back yard... at the farm. I do wonder when we get moved in... if I will ever get anything done.. or just spend time gazing out the window.

Not that the house was cold by any means, but we went to start the mudding and taping the sheet rock yesterday morning, I decided to get the "little stove" chugging. It didn't take long to have a nice toasty fire and it warmed the room up beautifully!!! However, the wood furnace is doing a perfect job keeping the house nice and warm, so we don't have any worries about the "mud" drying on the walls.

Ed is in charge of taping and mudding the seams... I don't feel confident enough to do that job, but I can fill the nail holes... lot and lots of nail holes!!! And by the early afternoon, we had the entire down stairs done, first coat!!! It went quick, and I dare say the upstairs will go just as well.. which we hope to be doing before the end of the week... then a couple more coats of the mud, and we can start to talk.... PAINT!!!!

At this point... even a wall that looks like this is... beautiful!!!!