Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"half power"

Happy December one and all!!! another month come and gone, where does the time go??? With all the projects going on I feel that we are already playing "beat the clock"... and when a whole month has gone in a wink... it makes me "nervous"....

But, big progress was made today... we have power on the property!!! "CMP" came this morning and has brought power in from the street!!! Very exciting!!! Never really noticed telephone poles until I realized that those wires are "ours"!!!

I am not excited about the big green transformer that we need to have, but it can't be helped. We wanted to build back from the road almost as far as we could, and if we want lights, the transformer is a must. Fortunately all the other "ugly" electrical stuff is neatly hidden in the little shed.... (thanks for the great idea Chris)... and maybe next spring, I can come up with some ideas of how to "hide" the transformer!!!

Within the next day or two, the second crew should come out and do the "interior" work... getting the power from the transformer to the shed... and from there... it heads to the BARN!!! I don't dare hold my breath, but there is an excellent chance that we will have lights to the barn by the weekend!!!!! That means I can plug in the water buckets and no more ice!!!! A dream come true..... funny how some things can just make your day!!!!

Changed the wreaths on the barn door!!! it was time for the autumn wreaths to be tucked away and the Christmas wreaths put up. This picture doesn't show them that well, but it is actually a wreath made from bells. I thought bells would be perfect for a barn door.... especially since we have them on harness!!!

Aside from the electrical side of things.. the tubing is here for the radiant heat that will be in the cellar and first floor.... I guess that means next week we will need to start laying that out. Since the weather is getting cold it will be a race to get the cement poured!!!

I hope we win!!!