Wednesday, August 27, 2008

miss Pearl

Even though Ed has been away "playing" ..well, moving Kas and Nate... I have been pretty busy here. Still packing up some of the "little things" around the house, and even making a few trips north to deliver them.

Today, I popped in on the guinea hens to make sure they have food and water, and see what they have been up to.

"Mama" is allowing the babies some room now, and she doesn't get so startled when I appear. But, I will tell you one thing, her children certainly are well behaved. One little sound from Mama and they all scurry!!! All six keets are doing well, and I am happy, because I had feared that we might lose one or two in the transport... but so far, so good, and I think we are beyond that point now.

Kas said I needed to come up with a name for the "first bird" on the farm, and I have been thinking all week. I have come up with the name of Pearl... I don't know why I think she looks like "a pearl", but she just does when I see her.... so.. Miss Pearl and her six keets... it is!!!!

They are so much fun to watch, I have a "bad feeling" that much of my time on the farm will be watching and enjoying all the critters!!! By the way... I heard from the court , and they did not accept my "excuse me" letter... so I must report for jury duty on the 8th.... I have decided to smile and do my best... and remember that it is where God needs me to be at the moment......

update from the south....

For those of you who know "my Ed" and his love affair with Colonial Williamsburg... and the fact that he can't "go south" without stopping in....... you have probably figured that he would stop there when he and Dave went for the "kids".
Nate had friends help them move out of the apartment yesterday, so they were done "ahead of schedule" and last night, Kas, Nate, Dave and Ed drove to Williamsburg and have spent all of today touring the old city once again.
Nate has never been to Williamsburg and whenever we went and took Kas with us (while Nate was deployed) she would always say "I have to bring Nate here one day, he will love it". We tried a couple of times to meet the kids there ... (remember last April and Ed was in the hospital)....but it never quite worked out. So, this was the perfect opportunity for them to go (and leave Deb and I behind!!!) I have had "several" reports of the day's events, and they are all having a grand time.... even took a carriage ride!!!! And tonite, they are attending the "ball" that Ed and I went to last spring.... that will be great fun for sure!!! I really wish that I could be there with them, but I am so very happy that Kas is able to be there with Nate, and I don't doubt that one day we will go back again with "the family"...............