Monday, May 29, 2017

Up and running for another summer

 I feel like we're a little behind with the water garden this year. We've had so many rainy weekends it feels like we're behind in all our outside work..but today ( even though its drizzly and grey again) we were determined to get this in order. The winter took a bit of a toll on it,
But Ed had it all figured out just what to do. I did my usual job of run and fetch..
 We had to keep it drained all winter because the wall couldn't manage the pressure of ice. Last fall Ed had to drop the liner and the drain and we hoped this would keep the water level and ice level down...which it did. So now we needed to pull the liner back up to level.
 A little clean out of leaves and the like and we were ready to go shopping for the plants. I was worried  about there being water plants left to buy. The garden center has a pretty good water garden section but its not huge. After last years garden I knew what I did and didn't want for plants so I felt better about that, we went by luck last year and though it worked out well...I learned some things
 There was enough to choose from at the garden store..but it wasn't huge another week and they probably won't have any left at all. I was able to get what I wanted..except for a yellow water lilly they were out of them. But these are red and pink so we'll see what they look like. The lillies are pretty no matter what color.
And after being outside all morning and playing with water and wet...we actually came in and lit the woodstove...Memorial day seems to either be hot like summer or cold and wet...

So,.pretty typical but I'm happy getting things in place and ready for summer