Friday, April 30, 2010

goin' along..

So, while Ed and I work our tails off, finishing up this house project... the the "tails" of others find the sunny spots and "chill".. need a comfy spot to sit, take a look around and see where Hunter is...(or any of our pets) they always know the best spots in the house!!!

Yesterday, I was back up stairs, painting once again. This time I am working in our bedroom.. Sadie and Abbie's rooms are done. Since our room gets "sun 24/7" I wanted a soft color here.

Hard to tell that it's even painted, but the color is call "wicker"... love these fancy names for paint colors... it's basically a shade of beige, but it works... everything has needed two coats of paint, so I will have to go over this again tomorrow.

A "sign of done-ness".... pulling off the blue painters tape that has protected the beams... and then putting the covers over the electric boxes. Every time I get a room done, these are the next finished things I do.... it also helps me keep track of "where" I am!!!!

While I have been doing all this painting, Ed is now working on trimming out the windows!!!! This took a little figuring because the walls in this house are thicker than "traditional homes" (due to the beams).. but he's got it on a roll now. Rick had some trim boards left over from when they built their house (five years ago) and has offered them to us!!!! (what a blessing!!!)... so Ed went down and looked thru the pile. He's making all the window frames out of them....

We also found it will be easy to paint the frames before going into place. So, Ed will get them made up ahead, and I can paint them "on the floor". This will be very nice because I won't have to "worry" about those freshly painted walls getting covered with trim paint!!! Can't wait to see these in place.

this picture is for me!!! just a reminder that a year ago, the house looked very different from now!!!!!

We have doors and windows!!! Real walls, that are now painted, and (hopefully) in just a few weeks... floors and maybe a kitchen!!!!

Looking from the living room into the sewing room - last year....

and this year. It really is coming.... I'm just getting anxious......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just things...

As hoped, we got the "grouting" done yesterday. I think this part of the tiling was the "worse".. and fortunately, Ed took the reins on this one. It's tricky getting the grout in between the tiles just right, and it's messy. We found that if we (he) did a few rows at a time, let it sit, and then we wiped the extra off the tiles... it did go better.

We let the whole floor sit for 24 hours, and I then I went over it with a soft cloth and buffed off the rest. A quick damp mop.. and the floor looks amazing... one down... three to go!!!

I have finally found the "right" color for my sewing room. I wanted to have a gold color in here, but found out that "gold" can be tricky!!! I would find that perfect little paint sample card thing.. hang it on the wall for a couple of day... and then go buy the small jar of "sample paint". Put it up, and think "oh no.. this isn't it". I am so grateful that the store has those small samples to buy, I hate to think what it would have cost to have gallons of gold that I did not like. But lucky number 5 finally hit the color I had been looking for. I got one coat up yesterday and as soon as I get off this silly computer, will be going to get the second coat up... and that.. will be ALL the walls painted in the downstairs (still have windows and trim to do!!!)

We had visitors at the farm yesterday as well. My brother in law, John and niece Naomi came to see what we were up to. Naomi was anxious to visit all the critters in the barn.

Beeker heard us coming and came right over for a visit. She is a "people bird" for sure... she even comes when I call (and I have witnesses that will attest to that!!)

At first Naomi was nervous around Beeker... she got "attacked" by a rooster and the chickens make her jumpy. But when she saw how gentle Beeker is .... she tried to make friends with her.

A little riding whip kept the other chickens at bay, and once Naomi found she could have some control over them, she felt much better being at the barn.

It was just starting to rain so Naomi felt that the chickens should all be inside. Using her "weapon" (as she called it) she herded everyone in and they were all safe and sound as the weather came in.

Oh no.... looks who's mobile now!!! Sadie tried Abbie in her little "scootie" and it didn't take her too long to figure this one out. I am suddenly seeing all the things that need to go up a bit higher.

She looks pretty pleased with all this freedom stuff.. and I have a feeling that the adults will forever be on the run now!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

over the weekend...

To start this blog out, I wanted to show a "finished" photo of the tile work that we did in the down stairs bath. I say "finished" because it isn't done just yet, we still have the grout work to do. But that will be done by the first of the week, then it's some trim around the window... some baseboard... a toilet and a sink ... and we will have a COMPLETED room!!! (ya hoo!!!) I just have to say again, I am so happy with the way this turned out, and I can't wait to get the other rooms done!!!!

Now, most people would get a little excited at the sight of a firetruck in their driveway. However, around here, it's a common occurrence... Ed had a firefighter who needed some "drive time" on this particular truck. So, he took a little break from house work and went out and played with the firetruck... what's that line... "the difference between men and boys? the price of the toys!!!" Yup, Ed is just playing with much larger tonka trucks!!!!

From firetrucks to "dirt" piles... actually this is the manure pile!!! Last year, Rick took a big part of the pile away for us, and this year our well (digger) man, wanted to take the rest away. I am MORE than happy to get rid of the pile. First off, I "hate" seeing it sit there (and getting bigger every day) and second, if you don't have a huge pile sitting around - it helps keep the flies down.

So, Ed pulled out his little tractor and began to load Brian's truck up. We should probably be taking the time and making our own loam, but right now... who has the time, and if I can just move this pile out... I am very happy to see it go..

Happy gardening, Brian.. hope this works out for you!!! and if you need any more... we make it on a daily basis :)

After playing with the manure, Ed did do some "yard work" for us. We had a couple of dirt piles that needed to be flatten out around the barn yard. We are going to try pumpkins again this year. We didn't have much success last year(but then again, didn't do well at maintaining the garden either).. and I think we planted way too early. So live and learn, and we'll see how we do this year. We did save a bucket or two from the manure pile for ourselves, so we'll throw that on and see what the pumpkins think of that.

"They" told us that Sunday was going to be a rainy cold day. So Ed and I had a list of things to be done in the house. However, when we got out of church this am... it was a beautiful afternoon.

Now, we both know we have a long list of things to be done in the house, and yes the time is getting short... but, I simply could not waste this beautiful afternoon inside (I might regret my decision tomorrow).. so.. nothing doing, we hitched the boys and played with the horses for awhile.

They were pretty good... they certainly need to be worked more, and the black flies were some what bothersome.. but overall, they did quite well. They're shaping up to be a good little team, and basically time and work is what they need the most of.
One day soon, this house will be at a point where we can "play" (and not feel guilty).. and you know, I am really looking forward to that day. For now, we'll "cheat" where we can.

Friday, April 23, 2010

so helpful......

The reason "why I can get so much done in the morning" is because I have "help" Just about every morning, Chester is always ready to give me a hand.....

"Look I found a bowl"

"Hey Mom, here's a bowl - you know - the one that you FEED me from!!!"

"Here you go Mom - now remember this is the bowl that you FEED me from".....
"thank you Chester!!!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

we can do it..

For a little while I have been going back and forth about the floor in the down stair bathroom. We talked with "floor people" and thought about vinyl and then tile. (both pretty expensive) just when I thought I made up my mind about the vinyl, I saw the nice tile in Kelli and Rick's bathrooms and went back to the tile idea. Then that was another whole conversation (and sticker shock) with the floor people... so, we decided that we would look into doing it ourselves.

We went to the home store, looked over all the tiles, talked with the folks there and decided, yes, we would do it. Ed has done tiling before and "hates doing it".. (he really can't be on his knees for any length of time) so I said I would like to give it a try.

After finding out what we needed for supplies, turns out it's WAY cheaper to do it yourself and basically, if you take your time and are careful... you can do a pretty professional looking job.

Now, since I was doing the tiles... Ed took over the measuring and cutting department - which is good, because I'm not crazy about using "equipment"....

step one... cement board.

Just getting that into place and covering the (very dirty) plywood floor made a huge difference.

And (bonus) the tiles that I picked for the bathroom were on sale!!!! That was a really nice surprise. We "rough laid" it out to get an idea of where to start... mixed the cement...

started cutting the tiles that needed to be done...

and got to work. I did one row at time, that way I didn't have too much cement on the floor.. and could easily reach the sections that I was working in. It was good having Ed cut, and then the pieces were ready when I needed them. I actually found it fun... it's a lot like quilting in some ways.

I was very happy to "find" that last piece though... being on the floor that long does take a toll on the body, but surprisingly I wasn't sore the next day!!!!

I thought I had a "finished" photo to show on the blog, but don't see one. We still have to do the grout, so, we really aren't quite finished, but it looks really good, even if I do say so. Now, I am excited to do the other tile projects which will be the mudroom, the kitchen and the pantry... so.. check another project off the list... it's getting down, but time is ticking!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

takin' care of horses...

Something that fascinates me are the different kinds of jobs that people choose to do. Now, I know that sometimes people don't actually choose their job, maybe it's just "something" they are doing to get by, or perhaps the job just "fell" into their lap, or perhaps they have a "gift" to do that particular job... but either way.. I often look at people doing their "jobs" and wonder how/why did that person chose to do that.....

Case in point, our farriers. Now, I am extremely glad that they do the job they do.. where would our horses be without them? ( in big trouble) But honestly, what would make anyone want to purposely stand underneath a horse (hold him up while he stands on three feet) and trim their hooves. Even with the "quietest" of horses (and thankfully our drafts are very "quiet).. it's hard work!!!!

Dean and Ben arrive bright and early Monday morning. I love having them come, not just because they take such good care of our horses, but they are just really fun to be around. Like any good farriers, they are filled with all kinds of stories, and as the work continues, it is an hour of good fun, swapping stories and laughter.

For those of you who don't know.. a horse's hooves need to be trimmed about every six weeks. Fortunately for us, we do not shoe our horses, so it's just a trim.. but if a horse needs shoes, that has to happen just as often. The hoof grows like our fingernails do.. and if not trimmed and taken care of, it can cause a lot of trouble for the horse. The saying "no hoof, no horse" is one that is very true!!!!

We like to keep "good feet" on our boys.. so, I just make the next appointment when they guys come out. That way I keep on track and the boys for the most part, always have good looking feet....

here we are .. all pretty once again.

course, we can't forget Miss Mocha!!! Trimming drafts has it's own "thing" but doing a mini... poor Dean just about stands on his head!!!!

"aaawwww"... look at that cute little foot (compared to Duke's in the previous picture!!!)


"We're shoeing Mocha this time, right Sue??"

(ah... NO!!!)

Very funny Dean!!!!! (obviously one size does not fit all in horses shoes!!!)

Look at Miss Beeker!!! she had to come and watch all the fuss being made with the horses. What a silly chicken she is, she acts more like a dog than a chicken. She will follow me all around the barn, making her little clucking noises.. you can walk right over and pick her up anytime that you want. I just love this little thing!!!!!

Next blog, I will catch you up to date on the house work we have done over the past couple of day...
but for this one.. it's "the end"....