Friday, January 09, 2009

jobs well done...

Six years ago, when Ed and I bought our land in Acton, and began to dream of living on a farm, we knew that leaving York would be "difficult" at best. After all, both of us grew up there, all of our family is still there, and everything that we "know" is there. But we also wanted to try something new, to pursue a dream, and the fact that York is just "an hour away"... it wasn't like we were leaving the country!!! Overall, we are very happy with our decision, but we won't say that some things have been very hard to say "goodbye" to...
For example, Ed joined the fire department was he was 18 years old. He has worked hard over the years, moving himself up in the department, and for the past 10 years he has held the position as Asst. Chief.... a great honor and a true testament to his hard work and devotion to the department.
He knew when we moved last fall, that he would need to step out of this position, but has said that he will "always be there for the department" and will serve in any way that he can.
Last night, as he stepped down, the members of the station presented him with a beautiful plaque and a hardy thank you for his service. He said later, that he wished he could have made a speech and tell everyone how much he appreciated their gift, but he was too choked up to do so.

This is the plaque that was presented.

The good thing is, all of Ed's training and experience will not go to waste... as he has already joined the fire department here in Acton. "Sadly" he will be "on the bottom of the ladder", but that's ok.. I have a feeling it won't be long before the members here begin to "take advantage" of him....

Along with the fire department, Ed was also on the Board of Trustee's with the Water Department. This was another position that he had to stepped down from.

Last fall, as a gift of appreciation, the water department gave Ed a fire hydrant!!! (what better gift from the water department to a fireman!!!) It's a neat thing, and the guys had it made into a fountain!! with a plaque that states the years he served.

We plan to have a nice garden where his hydrant can be shown off!!!

I have no doubt that by next year, he will find some place to "be" in the government of Acton!!! My Ed is "not one to be sitting around", he has an excellent sense of business and likes to be a part of his community..

and in my opinion... they won't find anyone better!!!