Monday, January 08, 2007

"who da thunk?"

Thursday, January 4th.. temps in the high 50's... so what does one do on such a day? Call your trainer, and pack up two horses and head to the beach!!! Why the trainer, because when a 1400 lbs. horse gets "worried" at the beach, (like he did the last time we tried this) you need another pair of "horse hands".. and was I glad that Laura was there to help.

Actually it was a wonderful day. Sadie took Silver for a little ride and they were a good help calming Tonka down and getting him to think better. He is really such a baby and quite inmature, but the only way to get him better in situations like this, is to do it.

Laura handled him first, he has great respect for her and doesn't "fool" around with her like he does with his "mom". Once she had him settled, she handed him over to me. We did ok, I still have a lot to learn with my own handling skills, especially in new situations, but its coming along.

As you can see, he did have a couple of "pushy" moments, but we finally worked thru them. Sadie at least got a ride in, but I felt perfectly happy, just walking calmly up and down the beach. Let alone, loading and unloading along the road way.

Some people take dogs for walks on the beach... ME?... I take my horse!!!

Anyone want to argue that a draft can't move?
Tonka can have great speed and lightness!!! One thing about the beach, lots of room for circles!!!!

I thought that it might be one of the last "good days" for beach work, but if this weather keeps up, I have a feeling that there could be quite a few more!!! We only have until April, then its "horses off the beach", so I don't want to miss out on this opportunity. I don't know if I will actually get a ride on him before the season is done, but, one can never get in enough training time!!!!