Thursday, January 15, 2009

today's happenings..

For such a cold winter day.. there's "lots" going on!!! Ed and I took some time and went to lunch at our favorite little dinner... the "Miss Wakefield". You can get good ol' fashion food there and not break the bank!!! This "trail groomer" was sitting out in front of the restaurant.. one thing about our area.. snowmobiling is a BIG deal, and the trails (I understand) are beautiful. All year long, volunteers maintain the trails, but when we saw this "rig".. you can tell... they are serious!!!!

Because the snow is fairly deep, and it's been so cold, I have gotten in the "habit" of letting Mocha out of her stall to roam around the barn while I muck stalls. She loves this!!! I think she appreciates being able to walk !! and she certainly takes advantage of checking out everyone else's stalls (while they are locked out).

It's kind of like having a big dog wandering about the barn...

She would like to go in the tack room and check out what's in there.... at least she isn't interested in the kitty food!!!!

As I had thought, the masons have pretty much completed the hearth!!! They still have the front rows to finish, but that requires cutting bricks, so they stopped for the evening and will "tackle" it again tomorrow. I love this hearth... one of my blogger friends made a comment that there will be plenty of room for little cockers to cuddle up on it... she's right!! and I can just picture those little spaniels piling on it next winter!!!!

The doors were delivered today!!! Most of them are steel/insulated doors... but the two front door are reproduction doors... with the top two panes of glass being "bull's eyes".... I can't wait to see them in place!!!!

And since all the walls upstairs are studded in, the guys began the downstair walls... this is the pantry wall going into place... a walk-in pantry!!! I can hardly believe I "have it"... this will be so handy!!

so.. that's about it for now... hope you all "feel caught up" with the happenings on Sweetgrass Farm!!!!!

"baby, it's cold outside"

New England, and any other state in the "northern side of the US".. is in a deep freeze right now. Not that we haven't had days like this before, but we're talking "dangerous freezing" to the point that they are even putting warnings on the TV.

Fortunately, these cold snaps don't last that long. Usually a few days, maybe a week or so, and they move on their way. Certainly we don't have them like Alaska or Canada does... but even so, when they come, we have to deal...

"for us".. this cold snap means no chimney thru the roof. The mansons are already to run it up, but they can't work with material that freezes instead of "cures", so until this get behind us.. the chimney must wait.

Fortunately, the house is at a place where work can continue inside. This past week, Ken and crew have been putting up "walls" upstairs!!! Well actually just the studding for walls, Ed and I will be doing the finishing work, but, we now have a good sense of "where things are" We will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms ... plenty of room for overnight company and (some day) grandbabies to spend the night!!!!

With the walls studded in Ed can also begin wiring and that sort of thing. He has be itching to "do something" in the house... so it won't be long now before he will have a project!!!

Yesterday, because the chimney has to wait, the masons began to work on the hearth where the wood stove will sit. I wanted a "high hearth" with a curved front. It took a bit of "figuring", but they got and I think that will be done later today.

(and yes, they are working in t'shirts!!! the guys set up a heater and before you knew it... not even completed.. the house had "warmed up" to a more than comfy point!!!)

Ed and I got the two shower stalls and one tub picked out (finally!!!)... we have to get them in before the walls close in. I know that in the months to come, there will be a "million" decisions like this to make, but if I don't see another tub or shower for awhile.... that's ok with me!!!


This is "Annabelle", our barn kitty. I adopted her back in July (along with another cat we called Sammy, who sadly disappeared a few days after we got them!!) Annabelle is a feral cat, and was in foster care with her kittens when I first met her. She wasslated to be "put down" after her kittens were weaned, which seemed cruel, but she was "so wild" that she was dangerous. After talking with her foster mom, it was decided that she would make a good "barn cat" and they were willing to let me take her. For the first few weeks, this is what she looked like. If you got too close to her, she would growl, hiss and yes, try to bite you. We kept her "locked" in for a few weeks, so she would get to know the barn , then released her and hoped for the best. (after loosing Sammy, who knew what would happen with her)

All summer and fall, we would catch glimpses of Annabelle. We knew she was "around" because every night all her food would be eaten and her little bed slept in. We set up the wildlife camera on different occasions, and could "catch her nightly activities". From the pictures and what we saw of her, she looked very healthy and almost "happy" with her freedom and new found life.

It would have been nice to actually see her around the barn, I always thought of "barn cats" hanging out and greeting you as you entered the barn... but, with Annabelle, that wasn't the way it was. And if she was in the barn when you walked in, she very quickly ran out the back door and off into the woods.

One night last week, when we went to feed the horses, Ed heard a cat crying. It took us a little time, and we found her under the wagon. Because it was so unusual to even have her in the barn, Ed was afraid that something "might be wrong" I got a flashlight and checked her over (from a distance) as best I could and she looked fine. I did notice that she never growl or hissed, and just sat there looking at me looking at her. We made her bed, left her food and went about closing the barn up for the night.

The next day, as I was mucking out stalls, I turned around and saw Annabelle, sitting in the alley way watching me. I talked to her as I worked and she would answer back. At one point, I stopped close to her, and she actually approached me, almost close enough for me to touch her. I was thrilled!!! and spent a little more time with her, but didn't want to overwhelm her.

I called Ed, telling him about my news, he thought that was pretty good. That evening Ed fed the horses, as I was teaching dog class. When I got home, I asked him if he had seen Annabelle... "yup, you can see her quite well when you are holding her"..... holding her??? she let him pick her up???? sure enough, she had gone right to Ed, and he was able to hold her for just a few seconds!!!

This is Annabelle.... our barn kitty... I adopted her in July!!! She now has the courage to come and greet you. She will allow me to pet her, but I haven't been able to pick her up. She is still a little jumpy and cautious, but she is around. And I have no doubt that another six months will make her even more friendly. She is such a cutie, and when I think that she wasn't suppose to "have a chance".. I am so happy that it didn't work out like that.

My bible reading yesterday said... "God has his eye on even the sparrow"... He certainly had his eye on Annabelle!!!!