Tuesday, February 27, 2007

that's two

So, another one done!!! As told in previous blogs, in my organizing of material, I found three quilt tops, waiting to be finished... this is number two.

Actually, this one is kind of neat, and has been in the works for a long, long time...you see, it is made completely of scraps... being the "yankee" that I am, and unable to throw away even the smallest of quilt material, I just cut everything down to 3 1/2 inch squares, and tuck them away in a basket, until there is enough "to do something with". I "stole" this pattern from a quilt that I saw at L.L. Beans!!! The moment I saw it, I knew it was just the thing for all the little squares that I had been saving!!!

Kas saw me working on it one night, and began to really look at the squares, and it wasn't too long before she started to name the other quilts that the material had come from!!! I think I have something from almost every quilt I have ever made, including the ones that I made as gifts!!!

This one is for me!! I don't have too many of my own quilts, as I usually make them for others, or "just because" and they end up somewhere else (Sadie's bed, Kassy's bed, the couch, the back of a chair, etc. etc.) but this one is going to stay on my bed... or maybe go up to camp... but either way.. there are fond memories in this one, that I will happily cuddle under each night.

One more to go................................

just waiting

with temps nearing 40 (!!!) today, my thoughts wander north to our land/farm in Acton. I keep thinking about the days when the horses (and maybe even a few more) will enjoy this wonderful big field that is just waiting for us to arrive.

Even though I know at the moment the field looks more like this shot and not the green pasture I am dreaming of, it's still quite wonderful.

This year we have a "hay man" that will come and cut the field for us. He raises cattle and is very excited that we have agreed to let him hay the field until we decide exactly what we are going to do with it. At least this way, it will keep the field open and we will be able to judge the quality of grass and hay that it will produce. Right now, it is resting and getting ready for that first warm sun of spring to start to grow.

Hopefully I can get the horses up there sometime this summer for a visit, I have only been saying and wishing that for the past two summers, but maybe this year it can be done for real... until then, rest well dear field - under your blanket of snow........