Thursday, May 31, 2007

"field trip"

As previously reported, we spent Memorial Day afternoon with the Flagg's on their farm. Deb had a few surprises for me.... one being, one of her hens is a Mama to three little chicks. I don't remember "what" kind of chickens these are, but they are very small and quite endearing for chickens. (I am not a huge chicken fan). These three little babies aren't any more than little fuzzy balls, but they do a good job keeping the yard clear of tics and all sorts of other "bad bugs". I had a fun time, just watching them peck about the yard and keeping up with their Mama.......

Then Deb offered to take me over to the nursery where she gets alot of her plants for her garden. She had been telling me about the tortoise that lives there, and knowing that I AM a fan of turtles, she thought that I might enjoy seeing this tortoise. Was she ever right about that!!!! It's an African land tortoise, he is 7 years old, and weighs about 50 lbs. His name is Linus!!!! In the warmer weather, he lives outside with a small dog house for comfort, and in the winter, he lives in one of the greenhouses on the property. He's very cool and very handsome!!!!!

They also have a small outdoor pond there, and I "discovered", in the gold fish pond, were two red eared sliders!!!! One was a little bigger than Titus and the other a little smaller. They certainly are happy living outside in this good weather, so I spent some time talking with the owners about how they did that, and needless to say, I now have some ideas of what I would like to do for an outside pond for Titus!!!!! Just add another item on the "project list"!!!!!!

On Tuesday, when everyone got back to work, Kassy called me and said that she had found a baby turtle in the parking lot at her work!!! This didn't' totally surprise me, because a co-worker had found one about a month ago. She asked if I wanted her to bring it home.... why not.. I thought, better than getting squished by a car.

I knew that it was going to be little, but just how little is beyond me. There is no way "it" can go in with Titus right now, I fear Titus would like it was a great little snack..... just to give you some idea of its size.... Sadie is holding a half dollar in this picture and you can see, it's smaller than that. SO.... I have been doing some research on how to keep a baby, and think I need to call "Zoo creatures" (where we got Titus) to find out the best way to keep him. I am going to set up Titus's small tank for him to live in for awhile!!!!

It seems to go like this for me..... that once I have some type of animal, the rest just seem to find their way into my life.... look at the cockers!!!!! But I hope this way of turtles doesn't go too crazy on me!!!!! They are fun, but I will say again... they are a fair amount of work!!!!! I'll let you know if and when Titus gets his outside pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!