Thursday, April 05, 2012

onto those spring projects...

Today started out with big going ons, here on the farm. Abbie was pretty excited when she watched out the front door, and saw....

This big truck parked on the front lawn. Our steps have arrived, and now we will be able to use the front the door!!! One good thing about an early spring with no snow... solid ground to do projects like this.

The steps are made of cement, but have a "granite" look about them. What surprised me was they were installed by just one person.

And it only took him the morning to do it. Before long, Abbie was giving them a test run.

It looks so much better not having that drop off space just below the door. And I tend to keep the front door open now and let all that good light into the house.

And Mona has a new place to sun herself.

Along with the step project came the walk way light. We got a matching "granite" light post with the steps. I have had the light itself for months (it matches the light by the front door)... but now we can get it in place.

bit of digging and electrical work....

and I can't wait to see it lit at night. Our next big projects will be the walkway, and the deck out back, both are on the summer schedule. It's looking good around the farm.