Thursday, August 30, 2007

a new house

Our daughters might tell you, that there is no way they are as "animal crazy" as their Mom.... however, that is not the truth!!! Both of them have a cocker spaniel and a cat, and then Sadie has her "zoo" of guinea pig and bunny.... and Kassy rescued two baby turtles and brought them home last spring..... so, they can say what they will... but actions speak louder than words!!!!

Thus is the story of Applejacks... he was the bunny at the daycare where Kassy works. Now, I am all for teaching children about animals, but I don't think a daycare full of children under the age of 4, is the greatest place for a bunny to live. Especially a bunny that tends to be a bit nervous anyways. Kassy felt the same, and talked her boss out of keeping Applejacks at the school, and brought him home to add to Sadie's zoo. The sad part was, even though he had grown into an adult bunny, he was still in the cage that had been bought for him as a baby.

Sadie was (is) very good about getting Applejacks out for exercise (hopping time and swimming) but to see him just sitting in that small cage day after day, was more than I could handle. So, I moved him into a large dog crate. He was much happier there and even took a little weight off, and began to groom himself better. But, neither Kassy, Sadie or I were happy with the crate idea either.

So, we pressed into service... Daddy!!! I'll tell you, "my Ed" can build anything!!! (including that new barn and house in Acton very soon!!) And we asked him to build an outdoor house for Applejacks to live in. We told Daddy that Applejacks needed plenty of hopping space and a warm, cozy house. We wanted off the ground so he would be safe, and not effected too much by the outside weather conditions.... and look at what Ed designed and built!!!! It's just perfect!!! the ends have doors for easy entry and cleaning purposes, the wire mess is fairly small so Applejacks feet won't be caught, but his "poopies" will fall away, its got a great roof that will shed water and its just off the deck, so we can still see him and enjoy watching him!!!!

I took Applejacks out there this morning, he is a bit shy and hasn't discovered all of it yet, but he will. I have no doubts that he is going to be a much happier bunny out there. We're thinking too that Pete (the guinea pig) might spend some time out there as well. He and Applejacks do fine together and now that Bella is gone, Pete doesn't have any company... so later today, I might try and that and see how it goes.

I have also added one more thing to my life....... a new job!!!! Short story of it, I have a friend up in Saco that runs a doggie daycare. The trainer that she had for a number of years is no longer able to teach for her, she called me and asked if I knew of anyone else. Well, Saco is a bit of a haul from York, but it won't be from Acton.... , I met with her yesterday and decided that I will take the classes, and get started up that way...then, when we move, I will already have something going. The classes that I teach in Wells were for the same reason.. they have gone very well, and have done a good job in getting my reputation known up that way.... I keep reminding myself that I am "going to cut back" and had decided not to build a school in Acton, but just teach a few classes here and there and continue with my private work..... somehow I don't think adding Saco to the list is "cutting back"... oh well......... can't say that I'm ever board!!!!!!