Thursday, December 22, 2011

that's a service dog???

It would seem that this winter is going to offer us the strangest of weather. First it's snowing and blowing... then it's mild and rain, and back to freezing once again. Typical New England, but I sort of wish "it would make up it's mind". And while I always appreciate the mild weather, it isn't without it's soft ground... soft diggable ground!!! and doggies that like to dig.

And one afternoon, I look out to see this..... Ginger, "puppy" and Daphne all out having a grand time...

I called them over and this is the view I got... like little kids, they had a grand time in that new hole/mud puddle. Oh my!!!!

I asked Ginger if she thought this was appropriate for a service dog... and she didn't seem to think that anything was wrong. If ever people wonder "do those poor dogs ever get to be real dogs???" well, this should pretty much answer that question.....

All I can say is I am SO grateful that the fence yards leads into the basement of the house - (and also were the dog tub is).. because you can be sure THAT in NOT coming up into my house!!!!

After play time of course... and just for the record, I won't feel one bit bad to have the cold weather back... and some ground that is frozen!!!!