Tuesday, September 09, 2008

working on that "open mind"

So say hello to juror number 186... that's me!!! And on Monday I reported to the court with 199 other people .. yes, there are 200 of us in all. They parked us down in the basement of the court and did their best to be very kind... but, running out of coffee and not having much to do... doesn't help much. We were given paperwork to fill out... watched a pretty informative video.. and then SAT....... and sat and sat and sat. They kept us pretty much up to date... that is, whether a case was going to need a jury or not..... because if I understand this correctly, "they" (people who are in court) can decide on the date of their case.. whether they want a jury or just go with a judge.... turns out that all the cases on Monday morning, went with the judge and so FINALLY at 12:30.. they released us!!!! I don't know if it will happen that way each time or not... BUT if it does... I need to get my attitude in line.

Boy was I UGLY after that (poor Ed!!!).... it all seemed like a waste of time!!!! it was a perfect day.. I have a billion things to do, and there I sat in the basement of the building. I know I have no idea (thank you Lord) at how the court system works, nor do I understand just what it takes to do this jury thing.. I am sure it is a ton of work.. but, I can't help but think there could be a better way to do this.

I did get to talk with some folks.. even saw a dog student there... but after a couple of hours, there just isn't too much you can say to "strangers"... I brought a book (which after I started it decided I didn't like it) and I did bring some cross stitch, but have decided that isn't the easier thing... so today, I bought some "sock yarn" and when I get called back in again, I think I will work on a pair of socks...no sense in wasting time.. and THANK YOU so much Dale and Karen for showing me how to knit.... it just might be the thing that keeps me together!!!

I am on this jury duty until the end of October, and each night .. after 6:00... I have to call an 800 number to see if I need to report the next day. THIS is a real bother, because I now have to plan each day with the idea that it could change after 6:00... fortunately my private students understand all this and I make appointments with them, based on "what I find out after 6:00"......

I am very grateful that Ed is so good with the horses... (he has always been wonderful with the dogs) so I can get out in the morning and not have to run to the barn (though I had wondered if the horse smell could get me out of duty!!!!)... and I do understand that being on a jury is a very important thing... and I am physically and mentally able to serve... but I really do need to work on that "staying positive and keeping an open mind"... I am sure the Good Lord has a lesson in this somewhere.........