Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was up this morning around 5:30.. needing to have the turkey in by 6:00. The house was peaceful, Ed was sleeping soundly, and Sadie was in the guest room. Even the dogs weren't quite ready to be up that time of day. The sun was just peaking over the lake... I got the turkey ready. "He" is the last of the ones that we raised... we didn't have any last summer because of the move and all... but next year, we will certainly be raising a new batch!!! I usually get to the barn around 8:00 to let the horses out, so, by being up so early this am, I actually got a cup of coffee before heading off to the barn!!!

As usual, my little sidekick, Mox went with me... we had to "walk" in, because the drive way is such a mess!!! The digger had to dig it up for the electric and then the rain came on Tuesday, and made everything a mucky mess. I could drive the truck thru (and have), but Ed has to fix this and I just thought it best not to chew it up anymore than necessary.

Walking up towards the barn, a "story" came to my mind.... from about the age of 8 until I was 13, I would beg my parents for a horse. I got the usual reasons "why not"..... couldn't afford one (and that was the truth!!) didn't have the land for one, and horses are alot of work. I can remember my Mom telling me that a horse would be an every day job... that meant even on holidays!!!! "You would have to feed a horse and clean it out, EVEN on Thanksgiving and Christmas" I could just hear her saying. Well, she was (is) exactly right, because even though I had guests coming today... time had to be put aside to attend to the needs of my beautiful equines!!! However, the part of "a lot of work" has never really occurred to me.... yes of course they take up my time... but somehow when you love it so much... the word "work" doesn't really apply!!!

And just look at these two rascals!!! I was actually a little late getting back to camp, because of the usual "wasting of time" at the barn. I spend more time just watching and enjoying the beauty of these guys... that time has a way of racing past me!!!

This will be my most favorite photo of the day!!! "Our" kids and grand dogs!!!! It is a rare treat that I have all of them together, so, they probably all figured that Mom would have to have a photo opt today!!! (besides, I think will make a grand Christmas card photo!!!)

and our little niece.... she is certainly "TWO" now, and all that comes with that. But what a dear dear little girl ... and not just because she is ours!!! She was so excited to go out on a walk with her cousins and dogs!!!

The day was simply wonderful... Ed is still not feeling great, but definately better than yesterday. Besides the kids and grand dogs, my parents were here, and my sister, Rachel. We had such a nice time, sitting and talking and being togehter... certainly a time to be extremely thankful!!!!

house watch

On Monday... before Ed got sick, and before the big rains... Chris and Ed worked together and got the electric lines run up to the barn. Everything is under ground and in pvc pipe, which has turned out to be a bit more of an expense than we thought... but, in the long run, this is a wise choice to make. IF anything should go "a muck" and it has to be dug up.... things are protected, it will look nice not to have wires running overhead or telephone poles sticking up in the pasture. And, maybe I have already said.. but the current game plan is for the electric company to come on Tuesday, and with luck... give us power!!!!

This is the "electric shed", and was Chris's idea. As the power comes off the road, it will feed into this little shed. From here, it will go one way to feed the house, and the other way to feed the barn. The shed will also house our generator...which, living out here is a must. The generator will not be out in the weather, and all the switches that it will take to operate it will be under one little roof. Aside from that, it keeps everything nice and neat and we won't have all these panels over all the property.

Yesterday, while Ed and I were "playing" at the hospital.. the guys were working on the house. Fortunately, we did not have too much damage with the storm on Tuesday... a bit of sheet rock got wet, but, everyone feels that it will be ok when it is able to dry out. They got the panels on the mudroom entrance... now, the house has a real definition. Some days it looks big to me, and other days, it looks just right!!!

This is a side view from what will be the garage. If you enter from here, you will walk into the mudroom, which will also have a bathroom and the kitchen pantry.

They have also started the panels on the back side as well. Looking to the left, the two windows will be in our living room... in the center, will be a double door that will walk out onto our screen room, and to the right is the kitchen window, then the pantry (which is part of the mudroom) and the bathroom.
From this side, the house looks very big to me!!!!

We are having Thanksgiving this year at the lake, but I can't help but think that maybe next year, we can have it in the house!!! I remember thinking last year when we started the barn... that "next year" the horses will be living there.... well, "next year" is here and the horses ARE living in the barn... and not just three horses... but four!!! So, all in good time and with a bit of hard work. it's really coming along!!!!