Thursday, August 13, 2009

pluggin along

So, we're not living at the farm just yet, but this is where we were one year ago today... The "digger had arrived and was getting ready for the foundation. These pictures are good for me to see, because when the progress seems to be slow, it reminds me of how far we have come within the year. And next summer (when we will be in the house for sure) it will remind me of where we (were) are this summer!!!
Despite the fact that Ed has been battling with this (stupid) kidney stone, he and Ken have been working on the house. Ed can usually get in about a half day's work and then has to quit, which really makes him mad. But there is so much "fussy" work with all this vinyl siding that it has worked out OK.. leaving Ken to bend much of the vinyl and have pieces ready for the next day of work. The lift has been fabulous, and there is no way (I think) this work could have gone on without it.

Yesterday, Ed had a doctor's appointment, and the good news is, the stone was broken up with last week's procedure, and the "stent" that he had to have for that, was pulled out. He said that just doing that, makes him feel so much better, and last night, I think he had the first good night of sleep in weeks. This morning, he was up early and seemed ready to go. So, he is off to the farm.

I keep waiting to see "sheets of the vinyl" in place.. I have been amazed at all the detailed work that has to be done before that part can happen. But that's how it is with me... I forget about all the prep work and just wait to see the big results. Course, those are the things that go the fastest and make the bigger differences.

Annabelle!!! she is just the funniest thing. Last summer, I had doubts as to where she was still around the farm.. THIS summer, she spends much of her time hanging around the house with Ed and Ken. I think she really likes the company, Ed is betting that she'll end up coming inside one of these days. He says that once she gets the feel of a nice warm wood stove, a flake of hay in the barn won't seem like a good bed any more.

We are finally enjoying real summer weather. The days are hot and humid and the nights are a bit cooler. Thunderstorms are not an uncommon sight at the end of the day, like this one here that blew in. Fortunately, Cam and I were off to teach dog class, so we didn't get to "enjoy" this one.. but Ed and Sadie said it was "a goodin'"... glad I closed the barn up some before I left... but it sure make a pretty picture.