Wednesday, May 01, 2013

hey May!!!!

May 1st... I somehow feel that "we made it"... winter is certainly behind us now, and we have already had some pretty fine weather. I just had to share this photo, not much left of this "comb-honey" which happens to be my favorite way to eat honey... right out of the comb... and I can't wait to have some of our own. If the weather stays good, we may have the bees by end of this month.
Once we have the slightest bit of warmth and sunshine, it amazes me at how quickly we get outside and "things" begin to happen. The hens are laying again, I almost forgot how wonderful fresh eggs are, and Abbie is always on the hunt each morning for them. Her other new favorite chore is brushing Mocha out...
Mocha will just stand (and eat) while Abbie plays around her. And when the brush is full, we take the hair outside and drop it on the ground for the birds to line their nests with. Abbie loves to yell... "here ya go guys, nice and soft for your nests!!"......
Our sweet little Reagan!!! Kas and I met up last week and had a lunch together. We were hoping to do a walk, but the rainy weather made a change of plans. I really don't care "what the plans are" as long as I get to see this sweet boy a few times a week.....
 He's getting big - quick... days like this don't last more than the blink of an eye.
Abbie and Tee-tee share dessert... a brownie sundae.....
Spring projects happen all around, and it's nice that we all pitch in and help out with the biggest projects (hoping our deck will soon be on the list!!!) This was dog fence repair time at Kass and Nate's. The dog fence that Ed and I put up 30 (thirty!!!) years ago finally gave in. Kass and Nate muddle threw the winter, but their dogs caught on that the fence was holding, and began to get out... can't have that!!! so new fence it is!!!!!
While the boys worked on the fence, Abbie, Kass, Reagan and I went on a flower shopping trip at the local nursery. We still have to be careful about what goes outside right now, there is always the chance of cold weather re-appearing, but there are some hardy plants that can handle the cold.
Pansies seem the perfect pick, and I personally like them. I love their color and their little faces.. so Abbie picked out a number of them to be planted here around the farm.
While Tee-tee got Reagan in the car, Abbie loaded in the flowers!!!!
My Mom and Dad got a new grill for the season, so on Sunday, we went there for a cookout and to break in the new grill. Reagan isn't so sure of all this bright sunshine, but it won't be too long before he is racing around with the others!!!! Is he his Daddy's boy or what....
Sadie brought Abbie's little four wheeler to the cookout, goodness didn't she and Naomi have a grand time with that. They rode all over the place and the battery even had to be re-charged!!!!
But there is always time to pull out the marble game as will forever be one of the favorites!!!!
Lunchtime, and with everyone bringing a little something, there are so many good things to choose from!!!!

Kelsey and Kass catch up on the news. Kelsey being a college student and Kass a new mom... they don't have the chance to see each other that often. Proof that events such as this keep our family strong!!!!!
Jesse has been wanting Kelsey to try the motorcycle with him.....
Today, she was brave and went for a ride. They had a good time and Kelsey said she was happy that she tried it......on a Harley no less!!!!
New service dog in training - Hope - had a good time hanging out with the girls.....and a day of sunshine, happy laughter and good food went by way too fast. Looks like we're in for a busy summer.... projects, cookouts, camp... wedding!!!! I fear we'll be looking at fall all too soon.

There is one more note to add... one that is extremely bittersweet for me. Sadie, Jesse and Abbie have found their own place to live, and this month they are moving off the farm to their own little place. As much as I am thrilled that they will be starting their lives as a family... my heart breaks at the thought of not having them here 24/7... especially Abbie!!! who has been here with us since she came home for the hospital, and as anyone can see, is my little buddy..... we will be true empty nesters, and I'm not so sure I like that idea.

but, life is all about change, moving onto the next chapter and seeing what that has to offer... one thing I already know. this "baby" will be on the road, traveling from one grand to another... but that's ok with me!!!!