Saturday, December 19, 2009

we got an egg...

I really should get some up dated photos of our "birdies" because when I went to write this blog, I realized that I had "nothing" to go with it... so, here are the "girls" from a photo last summer... but the "story" goes like this...

Last night our neighbor - the photographer, Dusty - contacted me to say that she needed "photos of chickens" and knew I had a couple. I told her we had the black and white "rocks" and the "silkies" and she was quite pleased, as she was looking for "something different/unusual".. (Ed says, that describes our farm!!!) So, anyways, she popped over this morning and spent a couple of hours "shooting" chickens.

they're hard to work with, unlike dogs, cats or horses, what kind of noise do you make to get a chicken to look at you??? and how do you keep them in one place or another or make them stand a certain way... I guess you don't... because Dusty just followed them about, getting shots of whatever she could. NOW, Mr. G. on the other hand, was more than happy to pose and get right in the middle of things.. I swear that bird knows what a camera is!!! but she didn't need photos of Guinea Hens!!!

After the "shoot" Dusty puttered around the barn with me for a bit, and we discovered one of the hens laying in the hay pile, I left her .. it was a cold morning, and I figured she was just trying to warm up after her big picture shoot, but before I left, I shooed her out of the hay, only to find her first egg!!!! This is pretty exciting, because we haven't had eggs in a while, one of the older black hens died a few months ago, and the other hen is too old to lay now, so we have been waiting for the "rocks" to get going in the egg department. I set up another "nesting" box in the bird stall, so hopefully she'll be happy with that, and maybe her sister will get to work as well. The silkies might even begin to lay, so I will have to make a daily check for eggs now.... pretty good!!!!
(and here is one of the photos that Dusty took!!! - Chicken Butt)