Wednesday, January 04, 2017

winter weather....

And so, it's winter... in it's true form... cold, wind snow... but then we have days that are almost warm, which might be nice, expect that when things melt... they freeze again. And I don't feel like we have had many "just snow" storms... there seems to be a lot of icing this year. It's pretty in a way, and makes the trees and everything look like they're made of glass

but, its down right dangerous !!!! and more than once the barn yard has looked like this!!!! Fortunately I have the gator and I run back and forth to the barn in that. I feel a little bit lazy not walking down to the barn, but I am not about to run the risk of falling. A friend of mine did fall in his yard and has broken his shoulder... I simply can not be put of out life with something like that.  I also have my "grippers" on my barn shoes.. which help a lot, but I still go very carefully...

The horses are doing well... Tonka is settling in as an only horse. We are looking for a buddy, but finding exactly the right one for all of us is going to take some time. 

Looks like we have another snow clean up to do. This is what comes off the barn roof.... just glad it's not right in front of the stall doors, they horses wouldn't be able to get out. 

The hay supply is holding up very well... we had planned to be feeding more horses, but with Lucky and Duke gone... it has made a big difference. That's OK... I like the idea that I can feed out as much as I like or want, and I probably won't need to buy as much hay next summer. 

So, winter continues on.. and already I'm thinking about the spring weather, but we have a ways to go. Time to do quilting projects... blogging, and all the other things that we do this time of year. I like the seasons and how each one has their own projects.. but it doesn't mean I don't think of the ones to come.