Tuesday, March 06, 2007


If this is any idea of how much the new sunroom will be
used..... well, I guess it's going to be pretty good!!!

You can't tell from this photo, but it was an increditable cold day today , the actual temp was about 5.. but with the wind howling around the rooftops, it felt like 15 below. I saw on the news this evening that it was a record breaker for this date.

As I opened up the sunroom doors, and the light came pouring in, it took Moxie no time at all to find her sunny spot. She is a dog of "comfort" and probably would have liked me to move the doggie bed out there for her as well.

I went out to see the horses, they were all snuggly tucked in the barn. Tonka was a little annoyed, he hates to be locked inside, but with the chill factor, it's better for him to be in. He will probably find the same fate tomorrow, as this cold snap is expected to last the week.

I also made it to my mitten class, and up until a few moments ago (when I decided it would be a good idea to move from my chair for a few moments) I have been happily knitting on the mitten body. For the moment, my cross stitch and quilting sit by themselves. Dancer likes knitting better than the other two crafts, because she has more room in my lap... (she's getting big!!!) good thing I took this new craft up, we wouldn't want Dancer to be upset!!!!

I have received a number of emails from all my dear friends, asking about the "cold"... and I thank you for the concerns... I am usually not a whimp, but I have to say, this one has me sunk!!! I really can't remember having one this bad... but the truth is, it will go away and its "only a cold" which is a real blessing within itself.

So, as I knit away, listening to that ol March wind, and my little dog enjoys her sunny spot..... life is good!!!!


So, I went along with what "blogger" suggested and signed onto their new and improved program, and I can tell you... I don't like it!!!! I don't think it's easier or better... maybe it's me, maybe I don't do change well, because I thought I was doing ok the "old" way. But since I don't see anyway of getting back to the way I had it set up... I guess I best just figure this new way out.

I manged to muddle thru dog class last night, I am feeling horrid now (vs. "next to horrid" from yesterday). I said a prayer that I would have the energy to get thru, and it worked, because I had enough to finish up, came in the house (FED Dancer - could she tell me any better) and went to bed. Today is going to be on the slow side for sure, I should probably not go to my knitting class, but I really do want to get the mitten body started, so I am going to go and get that info and that will be about it.... after taking care of horses and other creatures....(my daycare puppies will still be coming)

Speaking of which, I need to keep an eye on the water bowl.... with seven spaniels and three cats, it seems like it needs to be filled all the time, poor pups could hardly wait to get a drink the other night, I am surprised that Dancer is being so patient.... or maybe she got pushed out of the way.....

chicken soup and quilt day for sure, I fell so lucky that I don't have to be anywhere today nor do I teach tonite, so I guess it's ok to lay low.