Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a break

Here are two very happy horses...(even though Silver is making his mean face to Tonka)... they finally got out into the sunshine today. With the heavy snow from the weekend, it took us a few days to get the stall doors dug out. Teresa was smart to wait, because we got a dose of rain on the snow, had she cleared it any sooner, the paddocks would be a skating rink... NOT so good for horses.

Tonka was in a lively mood, but he knows better than to mess with ol' Silver!! Who, by the way, is feeling fine after his ordeal on Saturday. The stitches look good, the wound is healing and getting the meds into him is the challenge of the day!!!! Both Teresa and I are wracking our brains, trying to come up with ways to "hide" the meds in his food. We have used the worming bit, but he is onto us, and it's a five minute fight to get the bit into his mouth. I am just about ready to say "heck with you, horse" but I can't do that!!!!

I don't think Mocha is impressed with all this snow, it just about reaches her belly..... and she tends to stay in the plowed area... so, being the "good owner" that I am :-) ... I walked out thru her paddock and broke some paths for her. I hope she appreciates my boots filling with snow and actually uses them!!!!

I was looking at the Farmer Almanac here, and wished I had read it a little sooner....

Here's the weather poem for December...

Mercy, it's mild but Turning wild!!! On every rooftop snow is piled like wedding cake. Sunny break to hit the malls, roast the chestnuts, deck the halls,! Cryogenic cold abates '08

Maybe "we" should have waited before starting that new barn... January doesn't sound any quieter


Meet my new little friend.... Franklin!!!! Last night as I was teaching my Saco dog classes, Ed and Sadie went out to finish up their Christmas shopping, and came home with this adorable little baby for me!!!!

I had only been home for a little while and was working on a pair of mittens (for myself no less) when Sadie walked over and said...."Don't you think he looks like a Franklin!!!" and the name has sort of stuck... odd name for a guinea pig, but then, guinea pigs are a little odd themselves!!!! He is about two months old, and actually looks a little like Pete with his eye patches, but Pete had an all white body and Franklin has a cute little brown butt!!!! He is quite friendly and likes to sit under your chin. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the dogs or cats, and they just adore him... especially Camille!!! She has try to wash his face at least a million times!!!!

I am certainly happy that the day ended far better than it began!!!! Here's a story for the blog..... I have a sweet young golden staying with me over the Christmas holiday. Just a nice puppy, who is full of the golden retrieve zest for life... so, yesterday morning, just about 6:00 AM, I threw on my coat and boots (over my pj's) and went out with this pup to potty and just play for a few moments.... well, I was so busy with him , working on his manners at the door, that I stepped out and realized that the door I had just shut.... was not unlocked!!!!! Oh well, there's usually a key in my truck, except that , I had the keys in my coat pocket... my OTHER coat.. the one in the house!!! OK.. cell phone, that is usually in my truck as well... except... I took that in the house to charge!!! Now, I am starting to get a little cold, so my golden friend and I step into the barn... thank goodness that is heated. We also have a phone in the barn, but, I can't call my house on it. So, I call my Mom.... (glad they are early risers too!!!) and explain my situation and ask her to call the house (and keep calling until Ed answers the phone!!!!) It. took a few tries, because Ed knew I was up, so he wouldn't hurry to answer the phone..... but he did finally, and ran down to unlock the door!!!! I have to tell you, I thought then, "if this is way the day is going to go, maybe I should quit right now"... but, thankfully it didn't...

And... not only is Franklin here.... but so is Kassy, Nate, Charlie and Nora... they arrived safe and sound about 3:30 this morning.... Kas said the ride seemed very long this time!!!! So, for me, Christmas has begun.. looks like it will be a week long celebration... just the way I like it.