Friday, February 16, 2007

got it

I am not sure how she managed it, but look who had the
doggie bed this afternoon (by the woodstove)! I would say
by her "body language" she's not considering sharing with
anyone!!! Talk about comfort, almost made me want to join her!!! except that the snoring was so loud!!

Miss Moxie, I can't believe that she will be 10 years old next month!!! She is in excellent health and certainly keeps the others in line, she is the top dog for sure!!! She still goes to class twice a week with me, and is the first one I use to demo any obedience exercise!! she likes to visit my mother-in-law at her retirement home, and is totally insulted if I go anywhere without her. Though in this cold weather, I have to admit, I leave her behind, I know she would rather be by that woodstove than sitting in a cold truck... guess this proves it.....


the one thing about a big snow... is the clean up that follows!! We "Mainer's" know how to get the job done, even if it means a fleet of equipment!!! And here, we are very fortunate, not only does Ed have his truck and plow, but also the use of the tractor and snowblower!!

The tractor is good for picking up the piles and moving them back (you always have to create a little space for more to come), but the down side of it, is being out in the cold and wind, which it WAS yesterday!!!
Here I get a good natured wave from Ed, but the work was incredibility cold!! Good thing he has that silly hat I got him. Sure its a little goofy looking, but its warm!!!

By the time he was done.. the driveway looks like a highway, however, we should have an extra car here next week with Kas being home again, so we will probably need the space. Let alone the idea that we still can have snow for another 6 or so weeks-despite what Mr. Groundhog said.

So, we are good shape, all dug out and ready to continue on. "They" say warmer temps over the weekend, which will be helpful, since we need to get more wood!!! Our little stove has been eating it but it's doing a very nice job, keeping the house toasty warm and helping to conserve some of the oil. And of course, keeping the kitties very happy as they snooze on the doggie bed!!!