Sunday, May 11, 2008

wooly Saturday!!!!

On Friday afternoon, my friend Linda arrived from New York state.. she was here for a little visit and also to attend the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival that was going on at the Hopkinton Fair grounds. She has asked me to go with her for the past couple of years, but the dog show had always fell on the same weekend... this year ----- it didn't... so I was able to go.

We were on the road fairly early, course, half way there I realized that I didn't have my camera with me!!!! I WAS not a happy camper, because I could have taken "dozens" of photos for the blog!!! But aside from all of that, it was such a fun day. Having the time with Linda was a joy of it's own (we haven't had time together like that since our children were VERY little) but I so enjoyed seeing all the vendors and animals.

Linda and her family have alpaca on their farm. Linda spins.... and has been doing some "neat experiments" with all sorts of different "fibers". She was telling me about her "adventures" with them, and it just makes me want to get spinning into my life all the more!!!! We were able to see some alpacas, and they're a neat little "creature"... I know I will want "something" else on the farm with the horses, but I haven't quite decided "what" that will be. I did see some nice looking sheep and can't believe how many "breeds" there are of them!!!! There were llama there as well, but, "they" really don't do anything for me, so I think I have pretty much ruled them out. OH, and angora rabbits!!! Now, that is a neat little animal, but I'm not sure I am up for the "work" that they require.... but... they sure are cute!!!

Now, as any of my "knitting" friends can imagine... the yarn that was there was incredible!!!!! I can just see Dale and Karen there... NO... maybe they shouldn't go there, unless Val and Greg are ready to move out of their houses!!! I am still "new" to knitting, and it took great restraint to keep from going "crazy" with all the wonderful products and projects!!! I did come home with a few goodies, but ones that I will actually do!!!
There were also "tons" of spinning wheels ... wish I had known what I was looking for in that department, because I am sure it was there. I have to say, there is a beauty in a spinning wheel that is something else.

The weather was perfect, ( HUGE difference from last Saturday!!!) the people there were so nice... no "pushing and shoving" ......people were chatty and it was just a nice feeling overall. You don't get that sometimes at these sorts of events. The time flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to get back home again. I guess there are several of these types of "shows" that go on all year, but I am hoping next year I can go again, and maybe I will even have a better idea of "what" I am looking for. Either way.... it's always on Mother's Day weekend, and if you are in the "yarn, spinning, animal" department... take a drive out... you won't be sorry.