Saturday, February 09, 2008

surprise, surprise.....

WELLLLLLL.... about a week ago, I made a comment to Sadie and Ed that Franklin was getting very fat!!!! When Sadie pulled her out she was "MOM... you're feeding him way too much!!!"

Now, Pet Co, where Franklin is from... prides itself in keeping the "sexes" apart so that people don't end up with more than one... well, guess someone made a big boo-boo...

because, as you can already tell by these phots... we have MORE than one!!!!

Last night, I was holding Franklin...ah... Franka... and felt pretty sad because I was quite certain that I felt a huge tumor on his (her) side... I went to bed feeling that his (her) days were probably numbered. this morning when I went to see him (her) he (she) wasn't out, but was tucked away in the little piggie house. I was sure that he (she) had died and because I had to race off to dog class, thought I would just "deal" with it when I got home.

This afternoon when I got back, he (she) was still in the piggy house, so I carefully picked it up and ........


I took a quick couple of photos and have left the little family to rest quietly in the piggie house.

Unlike other "rodents"... baby piggies are almost set to go... they have hair, eyes open, and can easily run about... from what I know they nurse for about a month, though the do eat "food" within a short amount of time.... and squeek...... they make the best little noises!!!!!!

we'll keep you up to date... look for cute photos, cause these little piggies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!