Thursday, February 18, 2010

farm day

My daughter Kas works at a pre-school.. and last spring, I took Mocha down to see the children during their "farm week". It was great fun, and most of the kids enjoyed seeing Mocha.. however.. one little cutie fell absolutely in love with her. Over the summer I would pop in to see Kass.. sometimes, I had Tonka (our big guy) with me, if I had just finished a riding lesson or whatever... but, anytime that I showed up "Cutie" would come running and ask all about the horses!! She even told me that I was her "Grandma"....
"Cutie" had some changes going on in her life, and sadly, her behavior at school began to reflect that. So, Kas and the other teacher came up with the idea of a "good behavior chart" and Miss Cutie had to earn stickers to fill her chart up. When it was all full, she got to pick something special. The other kids at pre-school suggested things like an ice cream party, or a lunch out with the teacher... but Miss Cutie had her own ideas.. her reward would be a day at "her Grandma's farm with all the horses". Well.... last Monday that goal came true.. she had filled her whole chart and Kas.. good to her word... brought her up to the farm.

It was a bright sunny day, but COLD.. the wind was blowing and I wasn't sure how much time we would actually get to spend with the horses. "Cutie" wasn't going to let anything stop her, she never said one word about being cold and was more than happy to do anything that we suggested with the horses. I tried having her ride Mocha, but she is actually a little too big for her now.. so we hitched up the cart instead and took several trips up and down the drive way.

She was so thrilled, and chatted the whole time and just thoroughly enjoyed the ride!!! (Mocha was amazing and trotted along like nothing to it!!!)

Cutie helped with the tack and un-tacking... she was a bit unsure of all this stuff and asked all kinds of questions while we went along.

And then offered Mocha a little kiss and hug to say thank you for such a nice ride.

Then we pulled Tonka out (she calls him Tongo)... and she wanted to brush him and pet him. I offered to put her on him, but she was unsure about that once she remembered his size. So, she was pretty happy just to fuss over him. Course, I'm not sure who liked that better... Tonka or Miss Cutie.

she liked Duke too, but didn't want me to "take him out" and was perfectly happy petting him thru the stall....(don't you love how she stands on the block to reach???)

And, what's a trip to the farm without a ride in the gator. We buzzed that around the field and house and she thought it was just great. She wanted to drive it, but I thought better of that.

We all had lunch together, and then it was time for Kas to get her back to school and her family. So, one last walk about the barn, and she climbed into the car and said goodbye. Both Kas and I have promised her another day at the farm.. maybe int he spring when the weather is a bit warmer, but I don't think it would matter to her.. weather wise.
And I know she had a good day, but so did I.. I feel very humble to think that she wanted to spend her special day with us... and I hope it will be a lifelong memory for her, and I really hope she will come again and feel that she is welcomed anytime.