Tuesday, February 09, 2010

my life is paint chips....

Well, maybe not my whole life is paint chips but collecting them seems to be my new favorite past time. I can't go to a Lowe's or Home Depot without popping into the paint department and pulling out some of their samples. I usually have a "basic" color in mind, and then pull out all the "families" in that line. Sometimes, I change my mind before I leave the store, but more than not, they all make it home and are tacked to the wall. I am now looking at "greens" for the living room.... once I have something in mind, I love buying those small 3.00 cans and actually doing some painting of the color. It really helps and as you all know, the paint can be very different from those little paper samples.

The pantry was yesterday's focus. Since it's nothing more than a very big closet, the color here isn't so important. It will be mostly shelves and cupboards.. so all I wanted was "some" color on the walls. Now, if you saw the "brownies" that I chose for the dining room and kitchen... this one would have to be called "coffee milk". It reminded me of the "coffee milk or tea milk" that my Mom would make for us kids. (I keep asking myself if I am hungry when I go to the paint store!!! - picking out all these different/yummy colors)
It didn't make a huge difference in the room, maybe just enough to say that it isn't white. And that works out OK with me. The game plan is when the shelves and cupboards are in they will be painted a cranberry color!!!!

Remember when I blogged about my photographer friend Dusty coming to take pictures of the chickens?? Turns out that there is a new magazine just hitting the news stands.....

and... in an article about different chicken "breeds".... one of Dusty's photos of our "girl" made the cut!!! Sadie tells me that it's "Quaker" but since I really can't tell one from the other anymore.. I will have to take her word for it.

This is a nice looking magazine, so if you're a "chicken" person, you might enjoy picking up a copy for yourself.

I seem to have picked up yet another cold!!! Honestly, this is the "sickest" winter I think I have ever had in my life. I have to wonder if I might have gotten this one from the post office!!! I am really beginning to like my little job there, the time flies by, it's always busy.. there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done... I like seeing the town folks that come in and people are beginning to look for me as well. But, handling all that mail that is coming from who knows where... I can only imagine the little "buggie germs" that come with it. I wash my hands all the time, but I think one must have got by me. If I don't shake this thing a in few days, I will call the doctor and see if I can "get something for it".
And.. it is so nice to have longer days of sun and a "wee" bit of warmth in the air... (mind you.. "wee bit" is the word).. there are bare patches of ground and even though February has just started, it has a "March" feel some days. I am so looking for spring this year.. it hasn't been a "bad winter" at all (at least for us!!!).. but since I am outside so much of the time.. I certainly appreciate the mild weather. Well.. off to dog class..................