Sunday, March 20, 2011

getting ready for the walk..

On April 16th.. there will be a local walk for" MS". Kassy has put together a team of walkers (which somehow includes me) to do the five mile hike. This is being done under the name of "Steph".. who is a marine's wife, a friend of Kass, and is dealing with this horrible disease. In order for a team to walk, they must have 250.00 to donate to the cause. Kas has been thinking of ways to do this fund raiser, and we came up with the idea of a "parent's night out".

She asked her boss if we could use the pre-school - which Jess was more than happy to donate - and then Kas advertised to her parents.. that they could have five hours to themselves on a Saturday night. Needless to say, most of them jumped on that idea, and were more than happy to donate. In fact, they were so generous that Kas went way above the 250.00 goal.. she ended up with 400.00!!!!

We had 15 children all told.. besides Kas and myself... my sister Rachel, Kassy's friend Crystal and Sadie all worked together as the supervising adults. We also had donations of food... Tom's Mom donated frozen pizzas for the children's supper, and my friend Kim made the most wonderful chocolate chips cookies that the kids had for dessert. Along with playing outside, and having supper... we made crafts....

Played games - like musical chairs ----

did coloring (which Abbie is really getting interested in)....

and towards the end of the evening... we settled the kids down and finished the night with a movie. By the time the parents arrived, we sent home sleepy children, and well rested parents arrive to gather them. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this, it was a great project and a fun night. Now, if I can just do as well on the walk!!!!