Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend visitors.,..

Another weekend has come and gone. They just seem to fly by, especially thinking that we are soon looking at the end of the month. I did my usual Saturday morning working at the post office... then, I ran to meet up with a client and pick up another guest doggie (we currently have 8 guest doggies with us!!!) A quick bite of lunch, and then Kathleen and Leo arrived to use the dog tub and have a little visit. Ginger just loves it when her brother comes and they can just play. We like to let them out in the pen together, but right now, it's just too icy, so.... we allowed them to race around the house. Though, two "big" goldens racing about.. well... they won't be able to do that too many more times!!!!

On Sunday, Kas and Diana made a trek up to the farm. Nate was home doing homework and Kas, wanting to get out of the house for a bit, called Dian and said "let's go". Di is always up for adventure. It's been almost a year since she was here last, we weren't even living in the house then.. so she got to see alot of changes. One thing she really wanted to do, was to go out to the barn and see the horses. She fell in love with Tonka.

He always likes the company, but when he found a little grain on the floor... he attention was divided.

Still... a hug is always a good thing.

Another one of our guests was Rachel and her two little guys. Rachel is the daughter of our friend Glenn. She moved here last October and we have been trying to get together for months. Sadie thought it would be fun to introduce the boys to Abbie and hopefully she and Rachel can get the kids together a little more often. At first Abbie wasn't too sure what these boys were up to, especially when it came to her toys...

But, when Tom popped in on the scene.. she seemed to get the idea that sharing wasn't so bad. The kids had a great time together, and the adults had a chance to sit and chat. Sadie made supper for everyone and it was very good.

Course, I must also mention that it was the day of the Dayton 500... so Ed really didn't do much visiting as he has waited all winter for the first NASCAR race. But the kids didn't mind, they played happily and we just enjoyed everyone's company.