Saturday, January 03, 2009

"the" movie

What can I say about this movie??
Be brave, bring a box of tissues and go and see it...
for all the animal lovers out there, you will "so get this movie"....
it was a wonderful cry!!!!!

winter day

"poor" Hunter and Trevor... they find themselves tied to the end of a leash these days. Living at camp over the winter has been a bit of a challenge and has taken some "getting used to"...

When it first became "quiet" in the fall, I did miss the activity, but after a few weeks, I got used to it, and began to really enjoy it. All the dogs could run free, they never "went any where" and there wasn't anyone to bother, so they had complete freedom of the road. Then I noticed that on the weekends, there were still some folks that came up to check camps, and spend the day on the lake. There were also a few walkers that used the road during the weekends, so I got in the habit of "watching" the dogs during the weekends. When the snow arrived, it seemed like the camp road got busy again... snow mobiles, snow shoers, and now ice fishermen!!!!Sometimes, when Hunter and Trev went out, it would be a little while before they showed up at the door.... the others... Moxie, Cole, Cam and Tazzy would always be around the yard, but "the boys" were disappearing. One day last week, Hunter was gone for nearly a half hour, and when he finally did come to my calling... he came from way down the road. There are a few (other folks living on the road, and my guess is, he found someone's bird feeders or something of the like).... so... Hunter is now being hitched. Then it was Trev's turn, and after two times of "not returning"... he has found himself hitched as well. I am keeping an eye on Tazzy.... today, she followed two walkers a good distance down the road!!!!

In the summertime when we are at the lake, I have an invisible fence that keeps them in... but that is over in the small camp... here at the big camp, we don't have it. (they will be in for a rude awakening next summer when it's back on the fence!!!) I had thought of bringing my "kennel pens" from the old house up last fall, but didn't make it that, I guess we will stick to the "hitching idea" for the rest of the winter. Too bad, they enjoyed the freedom, but I can't run the risk of losing them or getting into trouble with a neighbor!!!!

Fishing season opened on New Year's Day. It seems like folks couldn't wait to get out on the lake. Personally, I don't get "ice fishing"... sitting out on a lake, with the winds whistling across it... but seems like everyone who does it has a good time. When I go out with the dogs, or to get wood for the stoves, you can often hearing happy voices and people laughing. I do enjoy watching them from my cozy living room with the woodstove chugging out a wonderful heat, and a nice cup of coffee at my side. The dogs find them entertaining too, and can't figure out how "people are out in front of the camp".

We have had some pretty cold weather. On New Year's Day when I went to feed lunch to the horses, I found Mocha shivering!!! NOT good!!! fortunately, last fall, I found this foal size blanket at a local tack shop on sale. I thought it might be good to have a blanket on hand for her ... just in case.. never thought I would really need it. I gave her warm(er) water to drink, closed her inside with some hay and put her blanket on... she seemed to appreciate it very much. During the night, I blanketed Silver as well, being older, I do worry some about him... the drafties seem to enjoy the cold, so I don't worry too much about them.
It's always a dilemma to me, blanket or not.. but in this case, it was pretty obvious that is was the right thing to do. Besides, she looks like a big toy in her little blanket.

when the temps mild out some, I will take it off... but for now, we'll keep her cozy!!!!