Saturday, May 15, 2010

end of the week..... already???

So the week flew by way too fast, as I knew it would. Linda and I had such a good time, we both said that we wished we lived closer together. But, since we (sadly) don't it does make our time together so much "more special". This day started out with a visit with a lady I know from church... Jean... she is a spinner (like Linda is) and has a spinning wheel that needs some fixing. Linda was able to find some names of folks that work on spinning wheels, so we took the information to Jean. We had a nice visit with her, (saw her beautiful spinning wheel) and I think I have found a teacher to teach me how to spin. (there will be more about that in future blogs). Jean told us about a huge patch of "Lady Slippers" that we simply had to go and see... and so, after our visit, we did just that.

She wasn't kidding when she said there was a huge patch!!! They were everywhere and you can see that they are re-seeding themselves and there will be even more next spring. These aren't in full bloom yet, so I hope to get back there in a week or so and see them again.. still, even in "part bloom" they are amazing to see. Lady Slippers are endangered, and it's illegal to pick them or replant them. You're suppose to just leave them alone and enjoy them as they are!!!

While I have been "playing", Ed has been working on the window trim. He has all the trim made for the downstairs windows and is beginning on the up. I have a ton of painting to do now.. especially if I want to "catch up with him"... but actually, as soon as I am done with my part, he can finish the windows!!! I have picked out my trim color (actually Linda picked it out).... so, once I get the wood primed, I can begin on the final steps.

But, back to spinning. Linda brought her beautiful little wheel with her, and gave me a lesson in spinning. I really do enjoy it, and if I can hook up with Jean and get some more lessons, I might even get good at it. One thing I found out this week, is, I can get all the "roving" I want, and not have to keep the animals to get it. So... it I want to be a good spinner, there is no excuse not to.

So, here we go. It takes a "knack", sometimes I did OK and other times.. well..let's say it gave us a good laugh!!!

But, with a little help, I did manage to put together a small skein of yarn....

"designer" yarn so to speak. I still need to "set it".. and perhaps I will make it into something.. or maybe I will just keep it and one day laugh at my first attempt.....

Friday morning, it was time for Linda to pack up and head back to her family (who was anxiously waiting her return)... but, before she got on the road, we had a nice cup of coffee together. One thing around here, we want you to feel welcomed.... and the pets are just here to help out with that...
Linda called later in the day... she arrived home safe and sound.. but rested after her week with us. I can't wait to have her back again, and I am (someday soon) going to "run away from home" and visit with her. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!!!!!